GBA4iOS Pokemon Light Platinum (Hack) Cheats

The GBA has seen a lot of great Pokemon games. It can even be argued that these were some of the most popular and revolutionary (for their time at least) games that ever graced handheld consoles. With the advent of the Nintendo DS, games like Pokemon Platinum became more complex as well as adding more Pokemon to collect.

Emulators also added to the popularity of the Pokemon games since they allowed anyone who had a computer or mobile phone to play them anytime. The only problem was that players were only limited to playing up to the third generation of Pokemon games (Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald).

Pokemon Light Platinum

The great thing about the GBA though was that emulator support for the system was very strong. Aside from that, there were a lot of people in the Pokemon community who came up with their own homebrew Pokemon games like Pokemon Light Platinum. This featured an entirely new storyline and more importantly Pokemon from the 4th and 5th Generations.


Will Pokemon Light Platinum work on GBA4iOS?

What’s great about Pokemon Light Platinum is that it’s essentially a hacked Pokemon Ruby ROM. This means that any GBA emulator will be able to play it without any problems. If you’re using GBA4iOS you should be able to search for both the Pokemon Ruby and Light Platinum using the in-app browser. It’s also possible to download the ROM directly from the sites that host them.

GBA4iOS Installation

Once you’ve downloaded the Pokemon Light Platinum ROM all that’s left to do is for GBA4iOS recognize the game. This is usually done automatically if you use the in-app browser on GBA4iOS 2.0. If you downloaded the ROM through Safari (or any other browser) then you’ll just need to go to the directory where the file is, tap on it, and then tap on the option to “Open in GBA4iOS…”. You’ll then have the game up and running on GBA4iOS in no time.gba4ios01

The Best Cheat Codes

Now that you have the game, you can play through it and collect all the available Pokemon or you can use cheats to make life easier for you. At its core, the game is still Pokemon Ruby. This means that any cheat code that worked on Ruby will also work on Light Platinum as they share the same resources and programming (the only difference being the addition and placement of environment and character sprites).

With that said, we have a list of the essential cheat codes any Pokemon Light Platinum player should set on his/her GBA4iOS.

Infinite Items

One of the most useful cheats for Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire were the infinite item cheats. These cheats are basically for people who don’t want to be bothered with grinding Pokemon battles just to get money to buy Poke Balls or Master Balls. Below are the list of essential infinite item cheats and what they can do to help you catch all of the Pokemon in the game.

Master Balls (AR and GameShark)

FA587517 C6604F09

Pokemon Light Platinum  Masterball

There are some Pokemon that are resistant to being caught with the regular Poke Ball (Eevee comes to mind). Master Balls ensure that you’ll have a higher chance of catching any high-level Pokemon that you come across in the wild. This cheat will give you infinite Master Balls on your bag’s first Item slot. Use this cheat in tandem with the Pokemon Encounter Cheat below to get some of the most powerful Pokemon you’ll encounter in the game.

Rare Candies (AR and GameShark)

D261DC6D 197B4DC2

Pokemon Light Platinum  Rare Candy

What’s the next thing you’ll have to do now that you’ve caught yourself a Pokemon? Of course, in order to catch stronger Pokemon you’ll need to have level up your own. You can do this by either constantly having them join during battles or you can use rare candies on them and have their level go up by 1 without you doing anything. Of course you’d want the second option!

With the infinite Rare Candies cheat you’ll have all your Pokemon at level 99 without having to do anything. Take note though that once this cheat is enabled, you’ll have to go to your PC. The first slot should show 99 Rare Candies. All you have to do is withdraw all of these to your bag. As long as the cheat is still enabled these candies will always be on the first slot whenever you log-in to your PC.

Money (Code Breaker)

82025BC4 E0FF
82025BC6 05F5

Pokemon Light Platinum  Infinite Money

As we explained earlier, money is an important resource during your journey throughout Zhery. Some quests will require money so you might as well have an infinite stream of it just to be sure. Out of all the cheat codes in this article, this is the only one that’s for Code Breaker.

Pokemon Encounter Cheats (AR and GameShark)

Pokemon Light Platinum Legendaries Complete

You should only have one of these Pokemon Encounter Cheats enabled at a time. Otherwise, you can expect your game to crash and your saves wiped out. The cheat codes below are for the vanilla Ruby version so you might have to completely play through Light Platinum in order to catch Pokemon from the 4th and 5th Generation as well as to activate Mega Evolutions.

You might also notice that the first 2 lines of code for all the Pokemon listed below are the same. That’s actually okay. Make sure that you input all three lines of code on GBA4iOS for the corresponding Pokemon that you want to encounter.


82FBD860 AE242721
313D2BCE 9004E149
EA642142 26D6E5A6

Pokemon Light Platinum Latias


82FBD860 AE242721
313D2BCE 9004E149
79870CB0 95729832

Pokemon Light Platinum Latios


82FBD860 AE242721
313D2BCE 9004E149
9EFEC4E6 F24D5813

Pokemon Light Platinum Kyogre


82FBD860 AE242721
313D2BCE 9004E149
299CE04B 43341CDD

Pokemon Light Platinum Groudon


82FBD860 AE242721
313D2BCE 9004E149
8C5DE8C8 A33E9D88

Pokemon Light Platinum Deoxys

Chimecho (Reshiram)

82FBD860 AE242721
313D2BCE 9004E149
145A57F6 ADDF1B3A

Pokemon Light Platinum Chimecho


82FBD860 AE242721
313D2BCE 9004E149
FBC061A9 072FC320

Pokemon Light Platinum Jirachi

If you’ve already played Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire on your GBA4iOS, then you should definitely play Pokemon Light Platinum. Of course, the best way to enjoy the game is when you play it without cheats. However, playing with cheats enabled doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not going to enjoy the adventure.

Have you played Pokemon Light Platinum before? What do you think about the game? Make sure to share your thoughts on the comments section below!

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James Inovejas

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