How to Grow Wheat/Carrots or Potatoes in Minecraft PE

In my previous post I talked about how easy it can be to start a basic farm for growing wheat and beetroot. Now, I’m going to talk about growing wheat, carrots, and potatoes at the same time on your farm. By the end of this post, you’ll acquire the necessary skills and knowledge needed to farm and harvest multiple crops.

What You’ll Need to Grow Plants in Minecraft PE

how to grow wheat, carrots, potatoes - equipment

Although the farm that we’re about to build is larger than the basic farm that we built in my previous post, both still follow the same fundamental design and concepts. As a result, the materials that we’re going to use will still be similar with the only noticeable difference being their quantity.

With a larger area to work on, I’d also recommend making a stone pickaxe so that you can mine faster (e.g. stone hoes and stone pickaxes). They might not be the best equipment for farming but the quality of stone equipment is still better than their wooden counterparts. Also, did I mention that they tend to last longer? Having durable equipment is more efficient since you’ll spend less time crafting replacements.

The chest is another item/equipment that you’ll definitely need for the multi-crop farm. With the expected yields of our farm, your default item slots are going to get full sooner rather than later. A chest or two will also ensure that you don’t lose your harvested items if you ever suffer an in-game death.

Getting the Seeds

MCPE how to grow wheat, carrots, potatoes

You probably know how easy it is to acquire beetroot and wheat seeds but what about carrots and potatoes? Currently there are two ways you can go about getting these crops for your farm. The easiest methods for getting these two crops will require you to look for either a village or a zombie spawner.

Village seeds not only have farms that grow potatoes, carrots, and wheat, but they’re also relatively safer than looking for zombie spawners (zombies drop potatoes and carrots as well). If you’re planning on starting a multi-crop farm for growing wheat, carrots, and potatoes then make sure that you use a seed that spawns you near villages and farms.

MCPE how to grow carrots, wheat, potatoes - carrots

Farm Layout

The multi-farm will be composed of 4 basic farms positioned in a way that it occupies a 19 by 19 block area on the map (this is without fences). Each basic farm will have a division of either stone or oak slabs to make them easier to plant and maintain. With the divisions in place you can then proceed with assigning a specific crop for every basic farmland unit. I usually start out with planting beetroot and wheat since they’re easier to come by.
In the screenshot I took (see below), I was able to fully plant the farm with all the crops because I was playing in Creative mode.

MCPE how to grow wheat, carrots, potatoes - farm layout

Since I didn’t use a village or zombie seed, I ended up with a random Minecraft world that I wasn’t familiar with. So in order to illustrate the multi-crop layout in action, I then decided to make another one in Creative just (refer to the screenshot above). Don’t worry if you’re following this and playing on survival mode though. The farm I made in that screenshot can be replicated easily even in survival.

The only problem you’ll likely encounter is how to get water to hydrate it. Although you can opt for an irrigation solution for this (like making a canal), I would suggest that you craft a water bucket instead. All you need are three iron ingots (you’ll have to mine and smelt iron ores for these) as well as a water source to fill it with and you should be able to provide hydration to as many multi-crop farms as you want.


Each of the crops that you planted will have eight growth stages. You can harvest them at any stage of their growth but in order to get the most from them, you’ll want to reserve this when all of them are on the final stage.


MCPE how to grow carrots, potatoes, wheat - growth stages

Wheat at growth stage 8

MCPE how to grow carrots, potatoes, wheat - carrot growth stage

Carrots and potatoes at growth stage 8

MCPE how to grow wheat, carrots, potatoes - beetroot

Beetroot at growth stage 8

Have you made your own multi-crop farm for growing beetroot, wheat, carrots, and potatoes yet? If not then make it your next Minecraft project! As for me, I’m going to take a break again while I prepare for the next post: How to grow melons/pumpkins. So until then, try playing around with the things you just learned today.

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