How to Make an Advanced Farm in Minecraft PE

At this point in your Minecraft PE farming life, you should have the necessary knowledge of light and water levels as well as how these affect different crops. You’ve probably even started multiple farms of your own using the techniques and layouts I shared in the previous posts. However, what we’ve covered is only the beginning.

Yes, from this point on things get a little more exciting and fun! This time, we’ll let our creativity run wild and use the various properties of other Minecraft PE blocks and items to build advanced farms.

What are Advanced Farms?


Advanced farms differ from basic farms due to their complexity and scale. These kinds of farms are usually made late into your survival game and is supposed to take advantage of the resources that you (should) have piled up. Another feature of a Minecraft PE advanced farm is the ease with which it can be maintained. Most players have even come up with ways/methods to semi-automate the harvesting process and saving themselves a lot of time and effort.

Why Not Build Automatic Farms?

If you’ve ever played Minecraft PC, then you probably have a couple of layouts for making automatic farms. What’s special about the PC and Console versions of Minecraft is their support for redstone and its derivative items (pistons, dispensers, droppers, and others). Although you can mine for redstone ore on Minecraft PE, the only use for it as of now is for crafting powered rails, clocks, and compasses (unless you’re on Android and you downloaded the redstone mod). Hence the need for advanced farm layouts to make growing and harvesting essential crops easier.

Let’s Make One!


Okay, so why don’t we start making our own advanced farm now? The advanced farm we’ll be making will be an upgrade to our wheat, beetroot, potato, and carrot multi-farm setup. Take note though that this is going to take to set up in survival so the screenshots I provided are from one I made on creative just so you know that the layout is actually viable.


At the intersection of the four farms, pile up a 7 block high tower of wood or stone slabs (you can also opt for blocks instead of slabs if you want).


Now, we’ll build a 3×3 area of blocks using the topmost (7th) block as its center.


After completing the 3×3 block area, we’ll need to extend each side to a length of 5 blocks. By the end of this step, you should have a cross-like structure that we’re then going to extend again.


This time though, we’ll just extend the last three blocks on each side of the cross until we end up with a 13×13 square with four squares inside of it (check the picture).


Now, the next step is to make a 2 block tall layer to surround the inner squares.


We’ll then proceed to making a similar layer to outline the larger square itself. This larger layer outline only needs to be a block tall though. We are then going to destroy the 4 inner corner blocks carefully making sure that the holes we created correspond to the center of our 9×9 farms below. If this isn’t the case for you, then you’ll need to make sure that you didn’t skip on any of the previous steps.


To make this setup functional, we’ll then have to add a block at the center of our elevated structure. Next we’ll add three more blocks on each of the center block’s side.


Of course, you’ll also have to figure out a means to climb up this structure. There are a lot of ways to go about this so just make sure that you don’t change anything about the structure or the farm down below it.

So How Does this Advanced Farm Work?



The structure on top of our farm is designed for flooding our crops with water. We take a bucket of water and pour its contents on the center of the structure. We wait for about 5 seconds before scooping out the water to ensure that the farms below us get completely flooded. Once we go down, we’ll find our crops have already been harvested and all that’s left is for us to pick them up.


Possibly the only sore point of this farm is the fact that you’ll still have to plant your crops by yourself. We really can’t do anything about automation though since that’s only available with availability of redstone (as mentioned earlier). Of course, you’re not going to find any other farm layout for Minecraft PE that’s as efficient.

As long as you know the basics, advanced farms can be pretty easy to think up. Also, not all advanced farms need to be semi-automated. They just need to be really efficient so that making, maintaining, and harvesting them would be worth your while.

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James Inovejas

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