Minecraft PE Farming Tips and Techniques

Here are some additional Minecraft PE farming tips and techniques that will serve you well when starting your own farm.

Choosing the Right Seed

Playing on the right seed world can make life easier for enterprising Minecraft farmers. You might want to create a new game using one of the seeds below if you’re planning to set up a farm as soon as possible in survival mode.



This has plenty of carrots, wheat, beetroot, and potatoes. There are also lots of trees surrounding the village which means that you can easily craft wooden equipment to make gathering resources faster.

Seed: AUS



After spawning on the island, get to work by cutting down trees and making your crafting table and mining/farming equipment. Mushrooms can be had by swimming to the next island (which happens to be a mushroom biome).

Seed: nac



Starting a farm on the jungle biome will require a lot of tree-cutting and landscaping. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about looking for seeds, mushrooms, melons, and pumpkins since you’ll find them literally everywhere.

Seed: kind

Build Your Farms in Creative First


You might think that this is redundant but building and testing a farm in Minecraft PE’s creative mode will save you a lot of effort and second-guessing when you start a game in survival mode. Loading up creative mode first allows you to take a good look at the seed you’ll be playing in. It’s also a great strategy for picking out areas that are ideal for farming.

Farm Progression


It’s always advisable to start a wheat farm first before any other type of crop since they’ll always drop whenever you till grass or even when you prune a tree’s leaves. You can then use this farm as the base for a multi-farm setup/layout where you can grow crops with similar requirements to wheat like potatoes, carrots, and beetroot. Consequently you can upgrade the multi-farm to an advanced semi-automatic farm to make harvesting easier and more efficient.

Iron and Coal Are Your Best Friends


Iron Ore and Coal are two of the most important blocks when it comes to farming. Coal is important because it can be used to create torches as well as serve as a catalyzing agent for smelting iron ore. If you already have a wooden pickaxe then make sure to start digging around to look for coal first. Set up your furnace and crafting table near cave entrances since coal blocks are most likely to be found near these places. Once you’ve found enough go back to your crafting table and craft as many torches as possible. Torches are extremely necessary for mining iron ore (usually found deeper in caves) as well as farming (see our post about light levels in Minecraft PE). On the other hand, equipment crafted from iron like iron axes, iron hoes, or iron pickaxes are important because they can make tasks faster and are generally more durable than wooden equipment. In addition to the equipment mentioned previously, iron is also used to craft buckets (primarily used for gathering water to irrigate your farm).


Remember that all the things we’ve discussed in this and our previous posts are just guidelines. At the end of the day, it’s still you who is going to be playing on your iOS or Android device. Test your creativity and ingenuity by creating your own farm layouts. Play around with mods for additional functionality and features that you normally won’t have access to in vanilla MCPE. Finally, don’t get too caught up in maintaining your farms that you forget to enjoy playing the game.

Did you learn something from these series of posts? Have these tips and techniques helped you to become a better Minecraft PE farmer? If you have something to say then share them on the comments section below!

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