The Top 10 Mobile Adventure/Puzzle Games that are Similar to Machinarium

Adventure games are fun. Also most of us love to work our brain, with puzzle games. So, if a game can combine those two categories, you know it should be amazing. No wonder we love the game Machinarium so much! If you never tried this game before, you should try it right now. And for those who already played it, surely you guys are looking for more games like it. And for you guys, here I am.. with the top 10 mobile adventure/puzzle games that are similar to Machinarium.

The Room


The Room is a three dimensional puzzle game where your main job will be to figure out a way to open mysterious boxes mostly by solving puzzles. And to do that, you going to have to perform various works, like observing the boxes, look for keys, turning keys and activating switches. Though sometime the game will give a repetitive feel, overall it is really entertaining and thrilling puzzle game. If you liked the Machinarium, surely you going to love The Room.



I was wondering why Botanicula is this good. And then, I’ve noticed.. Botanicula is also developed by the same developer team of Machinarium. Anyway, this game is very similar to the Machinarium. It has almost same exploration style. However, the graphics and music are much better. In the game, you will have to play with disguised tiny tree creatures and rescue the last seed while destroying the evil parasites. It is really a good game and if you loved Machinarium, you going to love Botanicula even more.

The Tiny Bang Story


Take Machinarium and add hidden objects game in it… you will get The Tiny Bang Story. Honestly, this game is as exciting as it sounds. In this game you will be given a tiny world destroyed by meteor. Your job will be to restore its glory with your creativity. It’s really an addictive game and contains lots of mini games, and those mini games made it even better!



Like the short description of the game says, ” DIG! FIGHT! EXPLORE! BUILD!”. Yeah you guessed it right! the game has more similarity with minecraft. For a sandbox adventure/puzzle game, Terraria is amazing. From some aspects, it is even better than minecraft. So, if you love roaming around.. looking for adventure and solving puzzle, Terraria surely is the perfect game for you.

Can You Escape – Tower


Can You Escape – Tower is an epic puzzle/adventure game. Like the title said, in this game you will have to escape from a tower by solving puzzles. If you can solve the puzzle, you will be able to advance to the next stage… where more puzzles are waiting for you. Keep solving them, and eventually you will be able to escape from the tower. This one is really an amazing game and will make you scratch your head a lot! Of course there are walkthroughs, but if you want to enjoy it with full potential, you should try to solve every puzzle by yourself. Surely, you will enjoy every bit of it!



Lume is a perfect combination of Machinarium and Limbo. In this game you will find yourself at your granddad’s house where the electricity is recently gone. Now you have to guide a young girl named Lume and solve various puzzles to restore the electricity. However, Lume definitely isn’t a game for the casual puzzle gamer, Lume needs a lot of attention and sharp brain to solve puzzles. So, if you are looking for a laidback puzzle games, maybe this one won’t be the right choice.

Another World


Another World was originally released in 1991 and considered as a classic adventure/platform puzzle game. Anyway, recently it was remastered for both android and IOS devices. In the game, you will have to perform various platform related task like, running, jumping and often attack when necessary. However, you have to remember that you won’t be able to sustain any damages. As soon you get a hit, the game will end. But good thing is, this game has many checkpoints and you can use them to keep restarting at the last point indefinitely. Though this game doesn’t have much puzzles, if you loved the Machinarium, you going to enjoy it very much… without a doubt!

Monument Valley


Monument Valley is actually a puzzle game. But don’t worry, you will have plenty of adventure. In the game, you will have to play with a princess and lead through various mazes of optical illusions and impossible objects. The game has ten levels and a level will end when you can find the exit of the maze. With the minimalistic 3D design, optical illusions, it is really a good game. Adventure/Puzzle game lovers will love this game for sure.

Puzzle House: Mystery Rising


If you love outdoor adventure and brain teasing puzzles, Puzzle House: Mystery Rising is the perfect game for you. Game play of the Puzzle House is kind of mixture between The Myst and The Room with some truly confounding puzzles. The game has really good storyline and awesome graphics. With tricky puzzles, pleasant outdoor environments and interesting game play mechanics, it would be a very wise decision for any puzzle lovers to get a copy of Puzzle House: Mystery Rising.

Axel & Pixel


Axel & Pixel is a simple point and click puzzle/adventure video game. The game was named after its main character Axel and his dog, Pixel. In the game you will have to play with Axel, who is trapped in a dream world filled with obstacles. Your job will be solve the puzzles and overcome the obstacles. The game also has 3 mini games and they are fun to play as well. So, if you like point and click puzzles and never played Axel & Pixel, you should try it right now!


To be honest, there are hundreds of adventure/puzzle games like the Machinarium. But not all of them are good and fun. Anyway, after testing lot of them, I found these 10 very entertaining. If you are lover of adventure/puzzle games, you should try them as well. And of course, if you think I missed any good one, please tell us about it in the comment section.

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