10 of the Best Minecraft PE seeds (Android, IOS)

If you are a new Minecraft fan, you probably haven’t heard of seeds.

Minecraft Seeds are codes that you can enter when you first created your world. Mind that seeds are not cheats. They are used for automatic generating the world. You can put in any random letters or numbers as a seed and it will generate a different type of world.

Some of the seeds would generate worlds that have cave, snow, mountains, waterfall, villages or lava fall etc. There are basically infinite amount of seeds so it would help if you can share any good seeds on the comment below.

Here are ten of the best Minecraft PE seeds that we have tested on the 0.10 version.

How to use Minecraft PE seeds

First of all, enter the game and create a new world. It doesn’t matter if it is survival or creative modes because the seeds work on both modes. You will then see the advanced button in the top right corner just before you hit create world. Hit the advanced button and you can now enter a seed.mcpe_seed

Now you can choose a Minecraft PE seeds from the list below and enter it on your game, note that they are case sensitive.

List of MCPE seeds

Choose the categories:



Ice/snow world

Natural Resources

Minecraft PE seeds for Villages

code: super pig

MCPE_Seed_super pig

You will find a village built next to an extreme mountain range.

code: 1388582293


You will spawn next to an enormous village with this seed.

code: johnny appleseed

MCPE_Seed_johnny appleseed

It is village after village after village. There are lots of villages with this seed and most villages have blacksmith.

code: AcE


Want to live in a village on water. Try this seed out.

code: 805967637


Find the well in the village and jump into it. Dig out the stones at the bottom and you will find yourself in a secret chamber. There is a portal to The End however it is unusable.

code: 1407434958


I love these kind of villages! A village island just like one those holiday resort in Indian Ocean. With this code, you will spawn on a village island.

Minecraft PE seeds for extreme landscape

code: 1405119578


You can spawn in a place that looks like Great Canyon with this seed. The land is mainly made of red sand.

code: nyan


If you like to see lava fall, this it right seed.

Minecraft PE seeds for natural resources

code: sylph


Find the well in the village and start digging. You will soon then find a mine full of iron, redstones, diamonds and gold. This is probably the seed that I like the most. It kind of feels like using a Minecraft cheat without actually using any cheats.

Minecraft PE seeds for Icy world

code: kop


Walk pass the village after you spawn and you will find this breath-taking ice spikes field.



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