50 Cool Minecraft PE Seeds

Believe it or not, I only started playing Minecraft game recently. That sounds crazy considering that I write about videogames but it is what it is. I can’t believe how addictive this game is and I have been trying out some Minecraft PE seeds. Of course, I didn’t think that I’d be spending days weeks just playing around in creative mode and trying out hundreds of other seeds. In the time that I’ve been trying out seeds and playing in Survival as well as Creative mode, I’ve come to realize how terrifyingly addictive (in a good way) the game is. With that being said, here are about 50 Cool Minecraft PE Seeds that I feel any Minecraft PE player should at least try out. For those who doesn’t know how a Minecraft seed work, check out this article.



Category: Landscape

Seed: Ireland


I didn’t know what to make of Ireland. I was totally expecting to spawn at a quaint Irish village but instead I was greeted with this view. Not really as impressive as most seeds on this list but it is still a good starting point nonetheless.

Ocean Village

ocean village

Category: Village

Seed: 1413755523

ocean village2

Imagine being in a village with no land in sight for miles and miles. This is what you can expect from the Ocean Village seed. If you’re brave enough then you might want to go down the depths of the waters surrounding the village or check out its numerous mysteries.

Tundra Mountain

tundra mountain

Category: Landscape

Seed: PopeFrancis

tundra mountain2

The seed features quarries, overhangs, and some of the best landscapes you’ll ever see in this list. Oh, and there are mountain goats y’all! Seriously, you might want to try out this seed just for that.

Amazing Ice Spikes

amazing ice spikes2

Category: Ice/Snow World



What can I say about this seed? It has snow, ice spikes, and it looks great! With that said, I’d advise you to load this up on Creative mode and add your personal touches to what is an already neat-looking seed.

Hole in the Mountain


Category: Natural Resources/Adventure

Seed: -1341951234


At first glance this might seem like your run-of-the-mill seed with nothing much happening. One of the mountains on this seed though has a peculiar feature. It’s middle is all hollowed and from the top you can see that it has its own environment with some animals, trees, and who knows what other kinds of surprises.

Extreme Mountain Village with Blacksmith


Category: Village

Seed: 1405463308


Nothing really special about the seed other than it has a village and a blacksmith. There are great landscapes here though and it could be used as a template to make your own seed/adventure.

Mesa Ice Spike Combo


Category: Ice/Snow World

Seed: patient 0


This seed doesn’t just combine mesa’s and ice spikes it also includes a village and two dungeons! This is great for those who’d like to play survival since the village and dungeons are quite hard to find (even in Creative mode). Seriously, this is one seed that you should always have at the ready in case boredom strikes.

Large Mushroom Island


Category: Landscape

Seed: nac


No, this isn’t Mario and Luigi’s Mushroom Kingdom. You’ll usually spawn on an island other than the Mushroom Island. Getting to the island is easy though since it’s just straight ahead from your spawn point.

Quadruple Village


Category: Village

Seed: 1411238030


With four villages, three blacksmiths, and a dungeon, this is the perfect starting village for players who’d like to start their Minecraft adventure on more manageable terms.

Cool Floating Land


Category: Landscape

Seed: 1422817193


There’s nothing much to this seed other than the fact that you’ll spawn really close to a floating piece of land. It’s not much to look at (well, it actually looks great) but it does show how far your creativity can go in this game.

Mesa with Gold Mine Shafts


Category: Landscape

Seed: 2431673


This is one of those seeds where you can spend hours and still not get enough of. Though at first you might think it’s boring, a trip down one of the mine shafts is bound to change your initial opinion. Don’t just take my word for it though and try it out.

Precious Ores in Underground Cave


Category: Natural Resource/Adventure

Seed: 1418821015


Are you claustrophobic? If you answered yes, then this seed might not be for you. This seed is for those who aren’t afraid of enclosed spaces and whatever lurks in the dark. The cave is not only labyrinthine, it’s creepy as well.

Emerald, Iron, Lapis, Gold in Caves


Category: Natural Resource/Adventure

Seed: 3537334


This is similar to the previous seed as it has an equally impressive cave system. However it also has larger deposits of emerald, gold, lapis, and iron for the taking. This is the ideal seed for those who’d like to mine for the resources that were just mentioned.



Category: Landscape

Seed: glows


There’s only one thing I could say about this seed: Impressive. Although it was initially a 0.9.0 seed, you’ll still be able to load it up on 0.10.x. Oh, there’s also a mine shaft that might take a while to come across. Don’t worry though since you’ll find videos of how to come across this mine shaft on Youtube.



Category: Village

Seed: 805967637


Quite possibly the spookiest seed on this list, the Stronghold is at times is both mysterious and scary. It’s also really good for exploration since you’ll never know what’s in every corner, nook, and cranny. I actually like this seed due to the reasons stated above.

Village Dungeon/Mineshaft


Category: Village

Seed: meh.


Speaking of spooky, this seed also deserves that adjective. It’s not as spooky as the Stronghold but it can still make the hair of people not made of sterner stuff stand on end.

MCPE Survival Island


Category: Landscape

Seed: twoseed


Just as its name says, this is an island best suited for survival. It would also be more enjoyable if you can gather a couple of your friends together to play. You’re guaranteed to have more than a couple of hours fun exploring what this seed has to offer.

The Jungle Seed


Category: Landscape

Seed: AUS


This seed is for players who want to be like “the King of the Jungle.” Not only does this feature a lush jungle environment, apparently it also has numerous secrets waiting to be discovered too. Be on the lookout for caves while exploring this jungle seed.

Triple Village Seed


Category: Village

Seed: 1388582293


What’s better than a seed that allows you to spawn automatically near a village? One that allows you to spawn near three villages! Starting the game will have you facing a triple village in a savanna biome.

Swamp and Mountain Village


Category: Village

Seed: zeropointten


The highlight of this seed is really the swamp environment. If you’re thinking of booting this up though, you might want to check the version of Minecraft installed on your mobile device first. The rendering of the swamp might not look good on non-0.10.x versions of the game.

Snow Village


Category: Village

Seed: 1408803813


I didn’t have high expectations when booting up this seed but boy was I blown away after I got to the village. It has a blacksmith who has something special on his chest just for you. The Ice Spike biome is also a sight to behold and is hands down, easily one of the best sights I’ve ever seen.

Deep Ocean Island


Category: Landscape



If you play in survival mode a lot then you might want to load this seed up. You’ll spawn on an uninhabited island (sometimes there are animals) that hides a lot of secrets underneath its sands. Dig down and you’ll find resources like diamonds, iron, and even gold. And just when you thought that was all there was to it, digging deeper will bring you to a dungeon that has more of these resources.

Oceanside Mega Taiga


Category: Landscape

Seed: aquaman


You won’t find many seeds similar to the Mega Taiga. The reason for that is because Mega Taiga biomes are rare. This seed has you spawning on one that has a deep ocean for its borders. Sounds great right? Well, it gets even better. As soon as you spawn make sure to dig down immediately and you’ll then come across one cave after another. After the third cave you’ll come across bedrock that has a couple of diamonds that should be useful for your survival.

Spawn Inside Dungeon


Category: Landscape/Adventure

Seed: silent hill


Minecraft dungeons have always been scary but do you want to know what makes it infinitely scarier? Just add a zombie spawner and you’re guaranteed a scary yet fun game. Take note though that there’s a chest hidden in this dungeon that can give you a little something (we’re not telling what). Once you’ve gone out of the dungeon, you’ll be faced with a landscape that’s a result of the meeting of two biomes (roofed forest and plain).

Mountain Village + Diamonds

Category: Village

Seed: Velvet Elvis

If you want to test your mettle and your adventurous spirit then this might be the seed for you. Dig down as soon as you spawn and you’ll find resources such as coal and iron. As soon as you come across these, make sure to dig around (about 2 blocks on each side) so that you’ll get to the emeralds and diamonds. There’s also a monster room with a skeleton spawner that has two chests that you’ll definitely need to check out.

Cave with Waterfalls


Category: Landscape/Adventure

Seed: 86mph


You usually won’t find caves/dungeons that have several waterfalls. In this seed though, you can get inside one that has these by digging just a couple of blocks away from where you spawn. It gets more awesome because there are a couple of surprises in store for you. Once you’re done collecting the resources you can then proceed to exploring the whole dungeon/cave system until you tire of it all (which might take a really long time). There’s also a room in the cave with a zombie spawner and two chests.

Insane Mountain and Waterfall


Category: Landscape

Seed: bezerker


You see all sorts of mountains in Minecraft but none that are as epic or as grand as what you’ll see in this seed. The spawn point affords you a view of a mountain that has a waterfall running down its side. The description does seem lame but you’ll really run out of words to describe what you’re going to see (like what happened with me). If you’re not a fan of watching blocky mountains then that shouldn’t be a problem since this seed has a couple of secrets for you to discover as well.

Massive Jungle


Category: Landscape

Seed: extreme


Ever wonder how it’s like to be in a massive jungle that has trees and foliage without any seeming end? This is what you’ll get with this 0.10.x seed. If you’re playing this on survival mode then you might want to dig down immediately after spawning to get some much needed crafting materials to start your adventure. Survival shouldn’t be too much of a problem considering it has all the stuff you’ll need.

Huge Mineshaft Under Spawn


Category: Natural Resource

Seed: Episode 3


There’s an abundance of seeds that have mineshafts but most of these are hard to get to. If you’re on the prowl for a seed that has an easy to find mineshaft, then you’re never going to go wrong with this one. Dig down after spawning and you’ll find yourself facing two caves. The first one is where the mineshaft while the second one will introduce you to a really big cave system that’s perfect for discovery and exploration.

Extreme Hills and Triple Land Bridge


Category: Landscape

Seed: Ctrl-S


So what’s cooler than seed that has a single land bridge? Don’t know the answer? How about one that has three land bridges and some of the coolest looking hills in the game? Yes, you read that right. Aside from the land bridges, there are also rivers, overhangs, and even floating islands! I’ve spent hours upon hours just gazing at this sight on both Survival and Creative Mode.

Extreme Hills and Ice Spikes


Category: Landscape/Natural Resources

Seed: mymonkeys


I’ve heard people saying that ice spikes and hills are boring and not fun at all. I’m pretty sure though that they haven’t tried loading this seed on their mobile devices yet. You’re guaranteed a sight to behold once you go over the little hill covering your spawn point. Before you explore ice spikes and the hills, make sure you dig down under your spawn point to come across some interesting ores. Anytime you come across an ore though make sure to dig at least 2 blocks in every direction as there might be more ores for you.

Mesa Meets Jungle


Category: Landscape

Seed: 805697637


So far most of the seeds that we listed here allow you to quickstart your game by spawning you in an area where ores are abundant. This seed though is different. It’s great for people who really want to scavenge and search for resources rather than have these served to them in a silver platter.

Gold and Diamond Rush


Category: Natural Resources

Seed: woin


Want to be rich? If yes then you might want to give this seed a go. Like most instant gratification seeds in this list, all you’ll need to do is to dig straight down. Once you come across your very first ore, you’ll then have to start digging at least 2 blocks on all sides. More often than not, you’ll come across gold. For the diamonds, just dig around the gold ores and you’ll find plenty of them.

Emeralds and Zombies


Category: Natural Resources



You’ll be hard pressed to find seeds that let you come across emeralds as soon as you spawn. As a matter of fact, it’s so rare that the best one I could find is a seed for the 0.9.x version of the game. Other than the emeralds, this seed also boasts of a great looking environment that you might want to check out as well.

Sky Scraping Hill and Deep Gorge


Category: Landscape

Seed: plumb


If you’re tired of looking at those mesa canyons then this seed is perfect for you. Your spawn point will be next to some of the most jaw-dropping hills you’ll ever encounter. After this you can either explore the canyon first or dig down and go into a cave system rich with lapis lazuli and gold.

Lava Flows and Waterfalls


Category: Landscape

Seed: life360


This is a seed that every person who plays Minecraft should have. Can you think of any other seed that has a land bridge, a handful of waterfalls, as well as lava flows? Go ahead and search those memory banks in your head for one that’s similar. Give up? That’s right. This is the only seed that has these and more. If you’re someone who likes looking at epic stuff then make sure to remember this seed.

Lava Cave with Diamonds

Category: Natural Resources

Seed: bestseedintheworld

Can you top a cave that has lava flow and diamonds? Probably, but being in this cave somehow gives me a sense of adventure and of the unknown. The lava lighting up the cave makes it seem like you’re in your own adventure movie and something epic is going to happen anytime. If someone asks you why you play Minecraft then make them check out this seed and watch their jaws drop.

Waterfalls and Underground River


Category: Landscape

Seed: Machacca


I’m always a sucker for aesthetics and this seed is definitely one of my favorites. I really have no idea why I keep coming back to this seed considering I’ve seen and played some that are better and have more resources available. It might be due to the profound feeling I get just by looking at that waterfall. You might feel differently but give it a try nonetheless.

Emeralds in Villages


Category: Villages

Seed: hexx


This is another seed that has emeralds (not the ores) that are easy to find. In order to get to these emeralds, all you have to do is move forward in a straight line from your spawn point. Before long, you’ll find yourself in a village with about two blacksmiths. These contain chests which in turn have the emeralds that you’re looking for. Make sure to explore the village before you go ahead with your adventure.

Dumbocow Part 2


Category: Landscape

Seed: 1418837699


This is a seed that spawns you into an instance that has waterfalls, overhangs, and other cool sights much like the original dumbocow seed. It’s ideal for exploration and sight-seeing. The great thing about it though is the fact that it is yet to be explored thoroughly. You might say that it’s another perfect seed for those who want to get the most of their playing time with Minecraft.

Epic Overhang Seed


Category: Landscape

Seed: extra nuts


The first time you’ll see this seed you’re bound to say that it’s “extra nuts”. It’s one of the oldest seeds for Minecraft PE that you’ll ever find but it also happens to be one of the most popular. Rather than emulating realistic environments, this seed has gone the route of fantasy. You might want to steel yourself against the awesomeness of the environment once you load up this seed on your mobile device.

Mountains, Waterfall and a Strange Overhang


Category: Landscape

Seed: Sky fly fry


Continuing with overhangs, this seed possibly has one of the weirdest that I’ve ever seen. Overhangs aren’t really that uncommon but this one just takes the cake in terms of uniqueness and novelty. You might want to stick around just for the overhang otherwise you’ll have a challenging time gathering resources here. Unlike the majority of seeds I mentioned, this one isn’t as thoroughly explored. This might be good or bad depending on your preference.

Many Floating Islands

Category: Landscape

Seed: srm

You were probably thinking that these seeds are all there is to Minecraft right? Well, you’re wrong! Arguably the coolest of the seeds I was able to gather is one that had such a number of floating islands that I felt something drop to the floor and when I looked down it was actually my jaw. That’s how good this seed is. If the basis were just looks alone then this seed would run away with all the awards in a beauty pageant.

One Big Floating Island Seed


Category: Landscape

Seed: 1406069825


Continuing with the discussion about floating islands, this next one should also be high on your list of seeds to play. Unlike the Many Floating Islands seeds, this one only has one large floating island that I encourage you to explore when on creative mode. It shouldn’t be a problem if you’re feeling up to the task of taking this on in survival. Just remember though that this particular seed isn’t available for newer versions so you might have to look for an APK of MC version 0.8.x.

The MCPE Ice Spikes Seed


Category: Landscape

Seed: dqdd


A couple of seeds ago I discussed how awesome the Ice and Spike Biomes were. As good as those seeds were, they actually lacked something fundamental to a snow/ice environment. I’m talking about an iced over river that you’ll be able to find only here in this seed. Of course there’s also the ice spike biome but those aren’t really that uncommon.

Cool Coastal Village Near Swamp


Category: Village

Seed: Who?!


This is definitely not the most impressive of seeds but it does get the job in introducing you to swamps and how they’re such a pain to traverse in survival. Of course if you plan to go on an adventure and wish to go past the swamp then make sure that you equip yourself at the nearby village first. Otherwise, you can just go on creative mode and discover what the swamp land has to offer in a faster manner.

Flower Forest at Spawn


Category: Landscape

Seed: razor


Valentine’s Day is over so you don’t need to get worked up and worry about getting a date now. If you really want to go on one then you might as well bring your phone or mobile device with you and play this seed. Firing this up will spawn you in an area with some of the game’s most beautiful flowers. There’s also a cave close by that you should also check out.

Abandoned Goldmine and Village at Spawn


Category: Village/Natural Resources

Seed: cones


Getting tired of mineshafts and villages? Well, this seed is probably not what you need. However, if you’re like me, and you see the allure of exploring villages and mineshafts then this is the seed for you. To get to the mineshaft just dig down from your spawn point and you’ll eventually get to a mineshaft that’s full of gold and other riches.

Jungle Biome


Category: Landscape

Seed: Apple99er


As you might have noticed, a majority of the seeds in the list are dedicated to villages, mesas, and resources. Other than a couple of exceptions, jungles are seriously underrepresented. This seed seeks to remedy that. Although it’s for the older version (0.9.x) of the game, you should have no problem firing it up on any mobile device running on 0.10.x.

Mesa Biome


Category: Landscape



This seed deserves to be on this list because of the fact that it contained one of the first mesa biomes that were found after the 0.9.x update. It’s still a great seed for 0.10.x with every imaginable ore available to you under your spawn point. Aside from this, you’ll also have the benefit of having one of the most striking landscapes in the game especially during sunset.


Well that wraps up or list of the 50 Cool Minecraft PE seeds. Did we miss anything? Is your favorite not among the ones that we listed down? If you answered yes to both these questions then hit up the comments section below and share the seeds that you’re currently playing with us.

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