A Dark Room Walkthrough

A Dark Room Walkthrough for iOS and AndroidA Dark Room Walkthrough for iPhone, iPad and Android – A Dark Room is a role play mystery game that has minimalist approach to engage players through story and forcing the players to visualize the game. The story of this game is captivating and suprising though this game just played by a series of repetitive screen taps. At first glance, this game looks simple and boring but do not let the simplistic inteface fool you. This game actually is quite genius and even this game filled with endless surprises. The games start with you in a single dark room and some simple choices begin to emerge, and when you already have a population to control and a town to build, you will start to use your population to convert those supplies into many things. So, that’s why when you play this game, you may not be able to stop playing it, because you will feel that you had to see what might happen if you collected enough many kinds of supplies or what would happen if you built this place o that place and all these “what-if” will make you addicted to this game.

A Dark Room Walkthrough for iOS and Android

In case you get stuck and to make your way easier to finish this game, We will give you A Dark Room video walkthrough by nickatnyte below.

The purpose of the video above is to help you when you feel stuck to finish the game. We hope A Dark Room Walkthrough make your way easier to finish it.



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