Best Clash of Clans town hall level 8 defense strategy

After upgrading your Town Hall from Lvl 7 to Lvl 8, enemy attackers will be much stronger because they will now have Town Halls between Lvl 7 – Lvl 9. So you need to have a very good defense strategy in order for them to not destroy most of your buildings and take away lots of your resources and trophies. It is just right for you to protect them.

The first thing you need to do is to buy all the available defensive buildings that got unlocked when you upgraded your Town Hall to Lvl 8 and upgrade them to the maximum level permitted. It might be very expensive but it is worth it.

Town Hall Level 8


  • 5 Cannons (max at level 10)
  • 5 Archer Towers (max at level 10)
  • 3 Mortars (max at level 6)
  • 3 Wizard Towers (max at level 6)
  • 3 Air Defense (max at level 6)
  • 2 Seeking Air Mines
  • 4 Air Bombs (max at level 3)
  • 3 Hidden Teslas (max at level 6)
  • 6 Spring Traps
  • 6 Bombs (max at level 5)
  • 3 Giant Bombs (max at level 3)
  • 225 Walls (max at level 8)

The first things you should upgrade are the Defensive Buildings closest to your Town Hall so that your enemies will have a harder time to completely destroy your base. Upgrade them one level at a time then upgrade the other Defensive Buildings surrounding your base. Do this until all of them are at their maximum levels including the Bombs and the Air Defense.

After that, upgrade the walls closest to your Town Hall and Storages. Then upgrade all the remaining walls until they are all maxed out.

Since it will be very expensive to upgrade all your defensive buildings, it is also a good idea to upgrade all your resource buildings, so that you can earn more resources to upgrade other buildings.


  • 6 Gold Mines (max at level 11)
  • 6 Elixir Collectors (max at level 11)
  • 2 Gold Storage (max at level 11)
  • 2 Elixir Storage (max at level 11)
  • 1 Dark Elixir Storage (max at level 4)
  • 1 Dark Elixir Drill (max at level 3)

It will be better if you upgrade all the Gold Mines first because you will need lots of gold to upgrade your Defensive Buildings. Upgrade them all until they are in their maximum levels. You should also make sure that your storages have enough capacity to hold resources to upgrade your buildings. After that, upgrade your Elixir Collectors to max, you can use them to upgrade walls by now.


The base layout is very important in protecting your buildings. Here are some of the most effective layouts for your Lvl 8 Town Hall base:

Town Hal Lvl 8 Base Layout 3 Town Hall Lvl 8 Base Layout 4 Town Hall Lvl 8 Base Layout 5 Town Hal Lvl 8 Base Layout 1 Town Hal Lvl 8 Base Layout 2


Level 8 Bonus Tips:

  • Upgrade your Clan Castle to maximum of Lvl 4, so its Troop capacity will be up 25 units.
  • Upgrade your Army Buildings too so it will be harder for the enemies to destroy them.
  • Have an active clan and request for defense troops for your Clan Castle whenever it’s empty.
  • Farm as much as you can, you will need all the resources you can get.
  • Join Clan Wars and try to win at all times. It will give you loads of resources as a reward.
  • Collect only from the Clan Castle when its resource capacity is almost full, so you can use it straight to upgrade or build an expensive building.




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