Best Strategies for Clash of Clans Town Hall level 9

logoIn Clash of Clans, defending the Town Hall is one of the most important things. And the defending strategy is drastically different between the levels. Even if you have good experience of defending previous levels, you are going to have a hard time defending the level 9 Town Hall, if you don’t know how or what to defend. So, If the level of your Town Hall is 9, these tips on defense strategies will be really helpful for you.

Different Types of Strategy

First, you must know there are basically 3 types of defense strategy.

Farming strategy: When you need to farm a lot and you are not really worried about trophies, you should follow the farming strategy. Build a base like this, and it will be almost impossible to wipe out all your resources. Your opponents will have to be happy with just Town Hall, while rest base will be untouched. Moreover, you will get an 11 hour shield for free.farming base

Defensive Strategy: On the other hand, when you have plenty of resources and want to protect trophies, you can follow the plan I gave below. Build the base like this, and none will be able to wipe out your Town Hall. At best, they can take your resources and be happy with it.defense base

War Strategy: When you are going to enter into a war with your clan, you may plan your base like this.
war base

However, there is another. And though I don’t recommend it, you can plan your base with the mix of both defensive and farming strategies.

Available Structures at Town Hall 9

Let’s take a look at what you will be able to build at Town Hall 9.

Defensive Structures

  • 250x Walls (Max Lv10)
  • 5x Cannons (Max Lv11)
  • 3x Mortars (Max Lv7)
  • 6x Bombs (Max Lv10)
  • 4x Giant bombs (Max Lv10)
  • 6x Spring traps (Max Lv10)
  • 4x Hidden Teslas (Max Lv7)
  • 6x Archer towers (Max Lv11)
  • 4x Air defense towers (Max Lv7)
  • 4x Wizard towers (Max Lv7)

Offensive Structures

  • 4x Army camps (Max Lv7)
  • 4x Barracks (Max Lv10)
  • 2x Dark Barracks (Max Lv5)
  • 1x Laboratory (Max Lv7)
  • 1x Spell factory (Max Lv4)
  • 1x Castle (Max Lv5)

Tips and Tricks

Now that you already know, how to design your base under different circumstances, I am going to give some more tips on the detail.

  • As you can see, there are many new building available at Town Hall 9. Some of them are very expensive. So, instead of saving resources for the best upgrade, get what you can afford and keep your builders active.
  • After getting Town Hall 9, your first priority should be getting a laboratory, along with new walls and towers. The rest can wait!
  • When you have the laboratory and new walls ready, you can focus on upgrading various towers and castles.
  • And when all the towers and castles are upgraded, you can start saving resources for expensive researches and wall upgrade.
  • Do not ever build double walls. They are not effective at high level. Wall breakers can damage both layers of wall with a single blast, as they have pretty good splash damage.
  • Build some unimportant and cheap buildings outside. When you are attacked, most of the enemies will focus on those, while your defense can kill them.
  • When you are hunting trophies, place your town hall near the most powerful defenses. So, it will be really hard for the attackers to damage the town hall.
  • Don’t build storage buildings together. If you do, enemies will be able to destroy your entire resource easily.
  • Plan the position of your defensive buildings. Don’t place them too close to each other as well don’t spread them out too much. Make sure that they can protect each other.
  • Most of all, regardless of how much you loved Town Hall 9, once your researches are done and your heroes are at their maximum level, you should move on and go for the Town Hall 10. It is pointless to sit at a level with idle builders and nothing to research.

After all, in the end, you will have to decide which strategy is the most suitable one for your goals. If you can do that along with following our guidelines, surely your Town Hall 9 is going to be kick ass! However, in case you faced any problem while following our guide or have a better plan, please do share in the comment section.

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