Boom Beach: Defense Strategy

Boom Beach: Defense Strategy for iPhone, iPad and Android. If you are interested in beating the game challenges that given by those blackguard in this game, you will need following guide of Boom Beach Defense Strategy to help you defeat them. It will be easy instruction that you can do simply without spending too much on your cash. However, defeating the blackguard has been a benefit that you might look for from the first time you play this game. The way you spend less on for defeating those blackguards is another benefit that you can find by following this guide with details below.

Boom Beach Defense Strategy

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Boom Beach: Defend Effectively Your Island

You may find out how this certain way mentioned below will help you defeat them effectively. Following are some steps that you are going to find to help you defeat the Blackguards effectively using your game coins and diamonds.

1. Remember to Upgrade or to Reinforce before You Close the Game

The first thing that you need to keep in mind while playing this game is that there are different building with different length of time to build. What you need to do is to pick those buildings that will take shorter time to build while you play the game and to decide to build the building that will need longer time to build right before you close the game. It will help you not to spend your real currency on diamonds since the building will tell you using the push notification when the building is done to build.

2. Saw Mill is the First After All

After you have got the idea of the first tip, you need to consider the next advice as also important as the first. It is due to the importance of the wood that you will get from the saw mills. You will need the wood to build anything in this game before the stone or iron. It is why you need to upgrade it whenever you have resources. You will also find that there is several times level ups needed before you can upgrade. This way, you will be able to build what you need right away.

3. The Stone and the Iron is the Next

After the wood has been collected in the right way like you can find above, now you need to collect the stone and iron. Though it is not the first place, it is the next important thing that you will need to do what you should do to win. Just easily win the game to get more stocks of it.

4. You Need to Scout and Plan

This is what you will need to win every battle you are going to do. Instead of sacrificing your troops for a battle that you don’t know very well, it is will be better if you do a scout on a new island just before you attack it. It will help you decide what troops you will likely need to attack certain island and get a great winning. This is the way you can win at even less costly price.

5. Go for the Bases Quickly

What it means by go for the base is that you need to attack it very quickly once you can get there. This is the way you will get very low number for victim. Moreover, this is what you will do right after you do the scout.

6. Get Lumber from the Trees

You might find that it will not be that easy to get lumber at the beginning, but you can trade your coins for the lumber. However, it will need you to get more coins. The easiest way to get lumber is by collecting it from the mangrove trees, even though you will not get all lumber at the time. It might be slow, but you can start to build some structures and get more coins from them.

7. More Residences

To get more coins in order to be able to build better defense, you might need to consider attacking the other island. Yet, it will need you to pay diamonds. Building more residences is the first way you can do to get more coins simply and easily.

8. More Tips for Defense

Other than those simple tips above, you need also to pay attention on how you will protect resources and strengthen your base. To keep your resources, what you need to do is to use the vault and the resources boats. Those are two important things that you can do to keep your resources from being taken by your enemy. However, you need to manage how to do it very well. Furthermore, you need also to consider strengthening your base. What you need to do is to focus on the headquarters. You need to make it strong so that you will get more resources. To defend your resources, you need also bring the armory buildings and sniper towers.

Important Building You Need to Know

The key to win and defeat your enemy in this game is also on the building. Following information will be very helpful to let you know more information about those building to defend your island better.

  • Boom Cannon
    It gives double damage to tanks and even gives devastating fire shot to enemy. However, it will need a moment to reload that make it as its weakness.
  • Boom Mines
    This is another structure that will give you benefit on damaging tanks since it gives double damage even though it will only stop the enemy in their track.
  • Cannon
    Another structure that quite strong which will deal double damage to tanks is Cannon. It will be effective to attack heavy and armored enemies, but it will be less effective on massed infantry.
  • Flamethrower
    If the previous structure has weakness on massed infantry, this structure will be the one that comes effectively to beat massed infantry as it is used as close range weapon that deals huge amounts of damage.
  • Machine Gun
    It is the structure that will also attack effectively on massed infantry at close to medium range since it will sprays bullet at the enemy.
  • Mines
    It will easily explode once the enemies come closer.
  • Mortar
    Another structure that will be very effective to attack the troop and deal damage in the area in which it is pointed is Mortar. It is considered as medium to long range defensive building.
  • Rocket Launcher
    If you look for the structure that will attack quite long range, this structure can be an option that will fire a salvo of rockets. However, it will take quite significant reload time.
  • Sniper Tower
    The sniper on this tower will effectively attack enemy attackers using the rifle which will give a significant damage.

Those are what you will need to defend your area using those buildings and strategies that will help you defend effectively and later offense your enemy successfully. It is how you can prepare your island by following those details in Boom Beach Defense Strategy.



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