Can You Escape Adventure Level 3 Walkthrough

Can You Escape Adventure Level 3 Walkthrough, Cheats, Solutions and Answers for Android, iPhone and iPad developed by MobiGrow on Google Play and Kaarel Kirsipuu on iTunes. After you have been waiting for quite long time, you will find Can You Escape Adventure Level 3 Walkthrough that will guide you to complete the next level 3 of Can You Escape Adventure. This level will be another level that will likely be a more difficult level with more puzzles given that you might not find before. There will be more details that you need to notice since you want to solve it correctly to continue the level. However, it will need more effort when you want to complete it on your own. Instead, you can follow those clues given in this walkthrough that you can find in the following walkthrough.

Can You Escape Adventure Level 3 Walkthrough

Can You Escape Adventure Level 3 Walkthrough and Solutions

Step 1: A silver vase on the right that you can find this room will be the first thing that you need to tap. After that, you will find a wooden block with a knife behind it. Take it and keep it in your inventory until you need it later. After you have finished with the knife, you can move to the wooden block in front of the vase. Tap on it and take the silver and black handle that will look like a microphone. Don’t forget to take also the hook.

Step 2: After that, you need to move to the left to find a cardboard box to tap. You will use the knife to cut it so that you can make it is opened. There will be a chain inside that you need to collect. The chain and the hook need to be combined so that you can use to the machine by first tapping the ceiling to attach it. After you have done with it, you need to tap the back left of the room which will be found with the silver tarp. The handle needs to be inserted into the On/Off switch. You will tap it so that will switch “On”.

Step 3: Once more you need to tap the back of the room to the place where you found the knife before. There is a green button that you need to tap. Now you will find the hook already got the box. This way, you can easily go to escape through the door to continue the level.

This level will be rather complicated compared to the previous level. However, you will not find it is difficult to complete since the explanation you find inCan You Escape Adventure Level 3 Walkthrough will help you solve every puzzle and beat the level.

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