Can You Escape Adventure Level 5 Walkthrough

Can You Escape Adventure Level 5 Walkthrough, Answers and Solutions for Android and iOS. Beating the game up to level 4 has been quite hard to do, but you will not find it harder with Can You Escape Adventure Level 5 Walkthrough to beat the next level 5 of this game. Following walkthrough will tell you more about those clues that you can find in the room in this level 5. What you need to do is to be thorough in order to get those hints that will be very helpful to open the door and escape. If you find it is hard to do, the walkthrough will just do it for you to find those clues and you need only to follow them. There will be more instruction that you can find below to guide you.

Can You Escape Adventure Level 5 Walkthrough

Can You Escape Adventure Level 5 Walkthrough and Solutions

Tapping the table and its middle will be the first thing to do in this level. After that, you will see that there are three candles on the left that you need to take one of them. If you have done with it, you can move to take the picture from under the pillow on the chair on the left that you can easily tap it and move the pillow. Once it is finished, you can move to the window on the right. What you are going to do next is to tap it and move the curtain. You will see a pipe to collect.

The next thing to go is the fireplace on the right. Tap it and you can use the pipe on the fireplace to find the silver thing in the back that you need to collect. Now you can go to the table after you have got the silver thing. You can insert it into the missing slice of the circle. Now you need to go to the picture above the fireplace and tap it. You can use the picture you have collected before to insert the other half of the picture in it.

The clue will be at the corner of the rug. You can tap it to lift it up so that you can find 9 blocks that you need to tap. The first part to tap is the middle right block colored red which will be followed by tapping a green block light on the middle left block. Next, you will see the blue block light up at the middle bottom block in which you need also to tap. You need to continue to do the tapping until all blocks are lit so that you can get the key at the end.

The next thing do is to light the candle that that you have found with those that has been lit by the door. Now you need to go to the window on the left to use it. However, you need to move the curtain first before you use the candle. The series of arrows pointing will be the next clue that you need to remember: left, left, down, up, down, right, up.

You will use the code of the arrow you found previously on the table in the middle of the room. Go there and press the arrow according exactly the same with the pattern you have seen before on the window (left, left, down, up, down, right, up). After you have done, you will find the other half of the key. To open the door, you definitely need to combine them and use it to open the door to escape.

This level has even more clues to solve the puzzle that seems to be more complicated than the previous one. You will find it is not difficult to beat this level 5 by following those instructions given in Can You Escape Adventure Level 5 Walkthrough.

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