Can You Escape Adventure Level 7 Walkthrough

Can You Escape Adventure Level 7 Walkthrough for iPhone, iPad and Android. Though finishing the previous level was quite difficult, this level 7 will be even more difficult to solve even with Can You Escape Adventure Level 7 Walkthrough only if you don’t pay attention thoroughly. With more details included in the following walkthrough, it is important that you focus on the instruction given so that you can still continue the level without any serious problem to solve. Find out how the walkthrough will help you continue the level in this game by following the walkthrough below.

Can You Escape Adventure Level 7 Walkthrough

Can You Escape Adventure Level 7 Walkthrough and Solutions

The first thing you need to get is the crowbar that you can find behind the ladder. Once you’ve got it, you need to go to the left cabinet and tap the top of it. There you will find a rope to collect. After that, you need to get the nails and the key by tapping the two barrels on the side. Once you have finished with this, you can go to find the cardboard box on the left to look inside. There is a hammer that you can take.

Now you need to use those items you have collected. First you need to the rope on the top of the wooden box that you can find in the back right to get it. Now go to the box under it and click it. You can use the crowbar to help you open it and then you need to use the key you found previously to open it so that you can find to other item of a key and a plank from inside it to collect.

After you have got everything, it’s time to combine those items that consist of the plan, nails, and hammer that later you will use it on the top of the ladder. The next step that you need to do is to tap the top of the ladder which is followed by using the key to open the lock so that you can escape to continue the level.

It might be quite complicated to follow, but this Can You Escape Adventure Level 7 Walkthrough is prepared to be easy to understand. Next, there will be more level that will help you with walkthrough available.

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