Can You Escape Adventure Walkthrough

Can You Escape Adventure Walkthrough, Solutions and Answers for Android, iPhone and iPad developed by MobiGrow on Google Play and Kaarel Kirsipuu on iTunes. Playing puzzle game like Can You Escape Adventure will always need you to get Can You Escape Adventure Walkthrough that will help you solve those riddle in this game. Bringing still the same gameplay, this game will promise the best adventure of escaping from the room in each level. Designed with also amazing detail graphic, this game will not be the game that amazing with its puzzle. Instead, it will be the complete one that gives you amazing riddle to solve and also beautiful graphic in each room. Following walkthrough will guide you to solve the first level in this game that will also be the warm up level before you may continue to the next harder level with those complicated puzzles given.

Can You Escape Adventure Walkthrough Level 1

Can You Escape Adventure Level 1 Walkthrough

Step 1: First thing to do is to find the lamp which will help you find the light bulb. You need to tap the lamp so that you can see the light bulb that later you need to take it to help you find another hint in the room. After you have done with the light bulb, you can go to get the socket that you can find on the shelf in which you will combine them in the inventory.

Step 2: Once you have finished with the first step, you can go to the desk where the light bulb will be very helpful as you can put it in the desk lamp. There you will find a paper that comes with number of I, II, V which will be appeared after you have put the light bulb in the correct place.

Step 3: Now, you can go to tap the bookcase that comes with three red books. What you are going to find to this book is to change the number on the spine this way: 1, 2, 5. Doing this way, you will find a handle that you need to take. This handle will be useful when you go back to the desk since it can be used on the globe to open it. Once the globe is opened, you will find a key to take. This key will help you to escape the room and continue to the next room with higher level.

Though it might quite complicated even in the first level, it will not stop you to play this addictive game since it has amazing details with features that will always make you play this game again and again. Furthermore, you will also find Can You Escape Adventure Walkthrough that will help you solve those puzzle to complete this level.

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