Clash of Clans Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Clash of Clans Cheats, Tips and Tricks for Android and iPhone – After you have played Clash of Clans several times, you will come to a point that you need Clash of Clans Cheats to help you play better with the best strategy you can have. Following cheats will tell you how to bring your best ability to beat your enemy and become the strongest among the other. Even though it will not be that easy, you will find following cheat will tell you what you need to do in order to beat your opponent in this game. Since your winning will be determined by many things, the following cheats might be quite complicated as you need to pay attention on many things. Just don’t be in a rush and pay attention on every detail thoroughly.

Clash of Clans Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Clash of Clans Cheats, Tips and Tricks for Android and iPhone

  • Save Your Gems

This is the first thing that you need to consider since you need to understand what you need to do with your gems. You might be suggested to speed up production using your gems, but you shouldn’t do that. You need to save the gems for something more important such as the building that will be available for limited time or anything that might be needed to complete the mission. Furthermore, there are suggestions that you can find during the tutorial that will make you spend your gems for nothing. Instead, you need to consider your gems for something that more important since you will meet certain point in the game that will be very hard for you that you will need the gems to help you solve your problem. You might also play another game such as Tapped Out and Candy Crush Saga when you the timer got you down.

  • Defense is the Best Offense, Offense is the Best Defense

You might play without considering the strategy that will be very important to help you win the game. Defense or offense is the key. You need to state your strategy, to win with strong defense or with aggressive offense. If you decide to be defensive, there are several things that you need to do. You need to upgrade the town hall first that followed by upgrading the walls, defensive structures such as first mortar, archer tower, and cannons. That is the order that you need to follow to upgrade. Otherwise, you might get a strong defense. Moreover, you need also to consider the tower. The best tower that you can have for defense is air and mortar defense which is placed near middle that will need more protection. Other than those needed for the tower defense, it is also important to put few elixir gatherer and mines outside the wall.

On the other hand, if you are interested to be play with aggressive offense, you need to do build your fortress in quite similar way. It is started by building your town hall as the first. After that, you need to get up the elixir production which will help you stockpile resources. It is followed by upgrading barrack and camps so that you can build your army. Since none of those structures will provide resources for the raiders, you can just put them outside the wall. Now you need to complete your defense with cannons and walls. The last things to build are the laboratory to help you upgrade the army, the spell factory to add offensive power, and also gold mines to upgrade structure.

  • Use the Shield

Some player might ignore the benefit that offered by shield since they might always win the game without considering the worst possibility to lose what they have when the opponent is attacking. If you are able to rebuild your town in at least 12 hours, you will find shield option is the best chance you can have to keep your town alive. There are option of how long our will shield your town which will definitely need your gems to activate it. Use your time wisely since you don’t have quite long time to build again your town.

  • Plan Your Attack and Target

If you are ready for the offense, you need right strategy so that you will not spend your resources for nothing as you lose your army in the battle. It is why you need to plan your attack so that you will be able to decide what you will attack first when you send your army to your enemy’s town. It is important to take into account what benefit you may get by attacking certain town. For example, you may send your goblin to plunder the resources of your enemy’s town instead of using a full-blown assault that might not even be very effective.

Furthermore, it is also important to consider whether you will go for the trophy or for the resources. After you have stated your goal, you can start to use one by one of your army. Giants will be very helpful to draw fire from the towers, and more giants to clear up defenses. Wall breaker will help you to breach to the town and you can use archers, wizards, and barbarians to crush the structure after the area are cleared of mortar fire and cannon. Goblins will always be the great to handle the resources. Beside the right strategy to attack the right target, you need also to recognize your army’s weakness since you will not have direct control on your army. For instance, you need to avoid send the barbarian first since they will attack the nearest building immediately. It will be bad news for you if you do it since there will be well-defended mortar that will block the barbarian. There are more that you need to consider since there will be different strategy used by the enemy.

  • The Key is on Layout

What does it means by layout the way you will put your building in certain way. The key to be one of the strongest towns is to build as many walls as possible. Yet, you need to build those walls between the structures and the outside. Before you do this, you need to prepare several things. Make sure that there are now spawnable tiles within the base and you get your structures tight together. Now, the key is in the way you put the building in small compartments that you can have by upgrading the wall. It is how you will slower your enemy’s army to attack your town and give you more time to counter attack.

  • Joining the Clan

You will find that this game will give you even more experiences of socializing. It is what you are going to do to have some benefits such as back up troop to help you. However, you need also give things in exchange since you are now in an organization that called a clan which will need you to think about the other member too. You will also find it is helpful for you to join the clan since you will also get advice from your senior in clan for a better strategy in a battle. Furthermore, you will also experience the competitive league play that will be epic.

Those above are cheats that will help you play the game with a better strategy and get more benefit so that you will be an expert in game. Since there will be more possibility in the game with all stuff you can find in Clash of Clans Cheats, Tips and Tricks, you will also experience to use your own strategy that might work even better for you.



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