Clash of Clans Update: Lava Hound and New Upgrades

Clash of Clans Update Lava Hound and New UpgradesClash of Clans Update: Lava Hound and New Upgrades – Finally, after teasing the player for more than a week, today the game developer officially revealed a brand new unit for Clash of Clans that called Lava Hound. Lava Hound is a new type of flying tank that can take the hits while other units move in for the kill and one of the largest units in Clash of Clans, their job are for distracting air defence and soaking up damage from rockets and air mines.To cook them up, you need dark elixir and a dark barracks. While the Lava Hound is distracting the opponent with its high health pool, players can flood in with high damage (per housing cost) units like Minions or Balloons. The Lava Hound also has the advantage of clearing out traps so that your Minions do not get hit by air bombs, and once air bombs takes them down, they will explode into a bunch of tiny lava pupppies will then attack the nearest target. Aside of brand new unit update, there are plenty more additions, you can check it at the list below:

Clash of Clans Lava Hound

  • One of the largest unit that flying and can take the hits while other units move in for the kill.
  • This useful unit can takes tons of damage before erupting into many tiny lava units.

New Upgrades

  • Barbarian and Archer level 7
  • Archer Tower level 13
  • Dark Barracks level 6


So, what do you think after  the Clash of Clans Update: Lava Hound and New Upgrades? Will the Lava Hound units has a chance to be included into your attack strategy?



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