Dooors 4 Level 11–20 Walkthrough

Dooors 4 Level 11–20 WalkthroughDooors 4 Level 11–20 Walkthrough  for Android and iPhone – Are you good enough on escape games? If you say yes, you shouldn’t miss Dooors 4. Dooors 4 is an addictive escape game. Your goal in this game is to unlock the door so that you can escaping from each rooms to get to the next level. You have to use your skills to break out of the rooms in order to escape. To do that, you can tap, swipe, shake the on screen images.

Dooors 4 Walkthrough Level 11–20

Continuing the level 1-10 of this game, now, I will give you useful steps to solve the puzzles and unlock the doors so that you can complete the level 11-20 easier and go to the next level more quickly.

Dooors 4 Level 11

To unlock the doors in this level you should fill up the bars by shaking your device left to right in order to match the dancing figure.

Dooors 4  Level 12

In this level you only need to tap on the 1, 2, 4, and 6 blue lever then the door will open.

Dooors 4 Level 13

To open the door in this level, first of all you need to complete the task of multiplication 45 x 100. After you feel confident with your answer, then you have to tap the dice to change the value so that it shows the product of 45 x 100.

Dooors 4 Level 14

To complete this level, the first thing you need to do is look on the diamond above the door, which has several triangles inside of it. Then, tap each circle so that the arrow matches the direction of the triangles.

Dooors 4 Level 15

To open the door in this level, you need to find the lighter first. To find it, you have to open the panel with wrench. After you get the lighter, then you need to use it on the right wall with the fire sign above it to reveal the correct pattern for the dotted circles. After you find the correct pattern, then tap on the dots on the left and change it with correct pattern (2, 3, 5). And, finally the door will open.

Dooors 4 Level 16

To unlock the door in level 16, you need to stop the blue dots on the grey zone and when the light turns green, quickly tap the door to open it.

Dooors 4 Level 17

To finish this level, you need to slide your finger to move the right plant. After you do that, you will see a lightswitch. Then tap the lightswitch to reveal the right order to press the buttons on the both side of the door. And, to open the door you have to tap the buttons in the right order.

Dooors 4 Level 18

You only need to burn the rope by using the lighter, then slide each red dots to the opposite side to open the gates and unlock the door.

Dooors 4 Level 19

To open the door in this level, you need to tilt your device to the right so that the ball will roll and you will see the unique symbols. Then, tap on each shapes next to the door and match them with the shapes above the door.

Dooors 4 Level 20

To open the door in level 20, the first thing you need to do is to tap on the bolts and then on the handle to insert the bolts into each side. After that, you need to take the wrench and screw them in. Then, you need to pull the handle up, so that you will see a box with four dots. After you see the four dots, you need to pull on the strings near the door, and you will see different colored dots with white circles in them. Change the dots on the box to match this order of colors: Pink, Black, Blue Green, and finally the door will open.

Some levels of this game are quite complicated. So, I hope the Dooors 4 Level 11–20 Walkthrough can help you to go to the next level easier.



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