Dooors 4 Walkthrough Level 21–30

Dooors 4 Walkthrough Level 21–30Dooors 4 Walkthrough Level 21-30 for Android, iPhone and iPad – Dooors 4 is an exciting and addictive escape game. Your goal in this game is very simple, you only need to open the door so that you can escaping from each rooms to get to the next level. To escape from each rooms you need to use your skills. For example, you can tap, swipe, shake the on screen images. Continuing the level 11-20 of this game, now, I will give you useful steps to solve the puzzles and unlock the doors so that you can complete the level 21-30 more quickly

Dooors 4 Walkthrough Level 21-30

Dooors 4 Level 21

Move the orange square to the top by swiping your fingers on your screen’s device. When the orange square already at the top, the door will open.

Dooors 4 Level 22

To open the door in this level, you only need to swipe the stone figures closest to the front to the right, then swipe the 2 stone figures in front of the door until they face each other.

Dooors 4 Level 23

The first thing you need to do to unlock the door is to find the pencil on the right desk. You can find it by tapping on the right desk, then after you take the pencil, use it on the piece of paper to make a pattern. After that, match each square on the wall with the pattern that you make by tapping it one by one.

Dooors 4 Level 24

First of all, you need to reveal body parts on the screen, by tapping the light switch at the bottom left of the room. Then, tap each circle so that the body parts on the screen match the order: intestine, stomach, heart, brain.

Dooors 4 Level 25

To unlock the door in this level, you need to hit the door with metal ball. Move the ball by tilting your device back and forth. Notice that each time you hit the door a green light will turn on. When all three lights are green, the door will open. But, you have to roll the ball of the track first by tilting your device to the side, so you can pass through it.

Dooors 4 Level 26

The first thing you need to do is to find the pink key inside the green cabinet. Open the green cabinet by using the pitchfork. Then use the key to open the pink cabinet, and grab the yellow key. Use the yellow key to open the yellow cabinet and take the blue key. Then open the blue cabinet by using the key, and peel at the bottom corner of the door to expose the hidden last key And finally use the last key to open the door.

Dooors 4 Level 27

Fill the thermometer by holding your finger on the left thermometer, until it reaches the striped section on the thermometer on the right. Do it four times and the door will open.

Dooors 4 Level 28

To unlock the door in thid level you need to illuminate pink shapes on the wall first, by tapping the floor tile that has dots on each corner. Then, match the total number of squares that each pink shape fills up by tapping each set of squares by the door.After you do that, you can unlock the door.

Dooors 4 Level 29

In this level, you will find seven buttons that turns green randomly for a short time.To open the door, you need to press a button while it’s green five times in a row to turn the five bars above the door green.

Dooors 4 Level 30

To complete this level you need a traffic cone and canon ball. To get those items you need to tilt your device to the left and a traffic cone will slide into the room. Take the traffic cone and cannon ball, then place the ball in the cannon and use the lighter to kill the dinosaurs that blocking the door. Now, you can open the door and go to the next level.

Some levels of this game are quite complicated. So, hopefully the Dooors 4 Walkthrough Level 21- 30 can help you to go to the next level easier.



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