Enigmon Level 11-15 Walkthrough

Enigmon Level 11-15 Walkthrough and Solutions for Android, iPhone and iPad developed by Inaya Team on Google Play and EBR Inaya on iTunes. After you have finished with the previous level 10 as the level you beat, you will find higher level that will also be available with 5 answers of Enigmon Level 11-15 Walkthrough below. Though it can be quite easy for you to just easily follow the instruction, you will need to do the riddle on your own first before you go to the answers available below.

Enigmon Level 11-15 Walkthrough

Enigmon Level 11-15 Walkthrough And Solutions

Level 11

The first thing you find on your device’s screen is that there are letters that you slide. What you will read on those letters is “Artesina” “in Google maps”. Now after you have the clue, you can go to Google map and type Artesina by tapping the web button at the left corner. You will search the area. Once you are there, you will see a picture of rabbit like area from the satellite. You need to type “rabbit” according to what you have seen. This way you can go to the next level.

Level 12

You might see only black and white pattern on your device screen, but it is actually another riddle to solve. What you need to do is to find the word among those black and white patterns. It will be quite difficult to find the word. You need to zoom in to find the word among them. If you want to still look for the word, you will find the word “secret” as the answer. You can just easily type it on the chat box or find it on the screen until you see the word. The word is the key to go to the next level.

Level 13

You will play with number in this level. The key seems to be the number 6 since you will always end up with this number after you do the instruction on your screen, but you will find it is not that simple. Instead, you need to match the original number pattern. If you want a simple answer, you need to type on the chat box this way 777744499. There are four 7, three 4, and two 9.

Level 14

This level will give you a harder riddle to solve since you will see 6 sets of number under the scroll. In the set of number, you will each set contain 4 numbers that can be explained this way.

  • 1st digit: page number
  • 2nd digit: paragraph number
  • 3rddigit : word number
  • 4th digit: letter number

For instance, you can do it this way to find the first letter. You need to go to the first page, first paragraph, on the first word. The fourth letter of the first word will be “E”. Now continue to find all letters this way that will lead you to the word “Elrond”. Type it on the chat box and you can continue to the next level.

Level 15

To find the way out from the maze is the first thing that you need to do in this level. However, you need to pay attention on each letter you find at each exit of this maze since there will be several exits. However, you need to do it in proper order so that you will find that those letters will spell out “iPhone”. Type the word you find that way and you can continue the level.

Though it will be more difficult when you get to higher level, it will not be a very big deal since the answer will tell you all clues needed to complete those level. Those Enigmon Level 11-15 Walkthrough are only some levels which will also be available with the next level answers that you can have.

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