Enigmon Level 16-20 Walkthrough

Enigmon Level 16-20 Walkthrough, Solutions and Answers for Android, iPhone and iPad developed by Inaya Team on Google Play and EBR Inaya on iTunes. Following answers of Enigmon Level 16-20 Walkthrough will the next 5 answers for the last 5 levels. Since they are the last levels you will face, those answers available below for level 16 to level 20 will be very helpful answer that you can have to beat those last 5 levels in Enigmon. Follow the instruction carefully since you don’t want to miss each clue that will make you even more confused.

Enigmon Level 16-20 Walkthrough and Solutions

Enigmon Level 16-20 Walkthrough and Solutions

Level 16

In this level, again you need the assistance of Google to find the answer. You will see the clues available on the top of the screen. Hit the web button again and simply type the information of “November 1955” and “Hill Valley” you find previously on the Google. You will find it is related to the film Back to the Future. After that, you will also see the details of the time that shows 10:04 PM. You need only to adjust the time on your device exactly the same with it. Now, go back to the game and you will a button with a symbol of man that struck by lightning. Tap it and you will go to the next level.

Level 17

The Chinese keyboard will be very helpful for this level as you need simply enter the same word on the screen to the chat box. You can also use Google translate to translate the Chinese word on your device screen. It will say the word “Google”. It is actually that easy since you will need only to enter the word “Google” on the chat box in order to complete this level.

Level 18

Since you will see the Morse code in this level, it doesn’t mean that you will have those codes on the screen as the clue. Instead, there will be sound of Morse code that will be the clue to beat this level. You need to shake your device to head the code. Write the code as you listen to it and find the answer using those helps you can find on the web if it is possible. The answer is quite simple as it will spell out “cool”. Type it on the chat box and you will beat the level.

Level 19

Almost the same with the level that need you to use the item that you have from the bonuses of each level, you need also to use the word that you can find in the previous bonus of each level that comes with number. Though you might type them on the chat box, it will not work since the number is just another clue. Enter them to find using Goggle and you will find that those numbers are the last digit of “Pi”. Easily enter “Pi” on the chat box and you can beat the level.

Level 20

There will be a trailer that you will likely see in this level after you hit the play button on the screen. However, the clues are not the trailer. Instead, it is in the trailer since you will find some letters flash briefly on your screen while the trailer is playing. You can easily rewind to find the letter to make a simple word. At last, you will see that it is “site” as the word needed to complete this level. Easily type it to finish this level.

Those are answer you need to complete level 16 to level 20. There are still more other than Enigmon Level 16-20 Walkthrough that will help you to beat more levels in this game.

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