Enigmon Level 6-10 Walkthrough

Enigmon Level 6-10 Walkthrough, Solutions, Answers and Cheats for Android, iPhone and iPad developed by Inaya Team on Google Play and EBR Inaya on iTunes. After beating the first 5 level, you will go to the next level with more riddle to beat and Enigmon Level 6-10 Walkthrough to help you complete these levels. Though it will be quite difficult, but the walkthrough available will be quite easy to help you complete the level. The only key is to follow the instruction given in these answers thoroughly. Check them out!

Enigmon Level 6-10 Walkthrough

Enigmon Level 6-10 Walkthrough and Solutions

Level 6

The key to move from this level is on the word you find on the top of your screen. Try to turn your device upside down. After that, hold your device in front of the mirror. You will find the word will spell “minimum”. Type the word and you will go to the next level.

Level 7

The battery is the only thing that you need to work on. You need to swipe the battery from left to right so that you will find the other side of the battery. It will need to swipe for about 40 times until you find the other side. After that, you need to hold two white circles on the top and the bottom of the battery. This way you will charge the battery. Do it until you have charged it fully to complete the level.

Level 8

The headphone is the support that you will need to complete this level. You need to crack the safe by using the headphone so that you will hear the click sound every time you turn the combination dial. Try to slide the combination to left until you hear a click sound. Do it the same way while you slide it to right and again when you slide it to left. After you have heard three clicks you can tap the handle of the safe to open it. Every time you go to this level, the combination will be different so the headphone will be very important for you.

Level 9

The song in the Steven Spielberg’s film Close Encounters of the Third Kind will be the clue to beat this level. You can just simply put your finger on those tiles with number by following the number that started from 1 until 5. Tap each tiles a little bit longer to make it work since you will not find it work when you tap them very quickly. This way you can beat this level.

Level 10

After you are finished with those levels before this level 10, you will get “famous bonus” or at least it is how you can call it. This bonues will contain a letter. You need to remember them so that you can complete this level. If you might not remember the letters, those letters will spell out the word “explosion”. This is is why you need to remember every bonus given at the end of each level. Enter the word “explosion” on the chat box to continue the level.

Those above are answers you need to complete the level in Enigmon. Next, you will find more answers other than those Enigmon Level 6-10 Walkthrough that will help you with higher level.

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