Escape the Mansion Walkthrough Level 76-80

Escape the Mansion Walkthrough Level 76-80 in Android, iPhone and iPod. The previous level of this game might be quite easy, but the next level of 76 to 80 will need you to follow those hints in Walkthrough since there will be more difficult level with more difficult riddle you can find in this game. Following hints below will be very helpful as they are explained thoroughly.

Escape the Mansion Walkthrough Level 76 to 80:

Level 76

First thing to do is to find the right above the door. You need to pick it up so that you can place it at the end of the rope. What you are going to do with the ring and rope is to drag them downward to the small hook next to the door. After that, you will find a screwdriver and a key to pick up. You will need the screwdriver to be used on the picture of the keyhole for several times so that you can make it falls. After you find a keyhole, you can use the real key to open the door.

Level 77

To complete this level, you need to simply get the doll and the dress on the left. After that, you will find a book with symbols. You need to tap those symbols with circle and dot in the middle. Once you have done, you need to bring the dress and the doll on the tricycle.

Level 78

You will need the gems to open the door. What you need to do is to take those 3 gems and put them into the slot on the right by following the combination below (the combination start from the top to bottom):

Blue green red, blue red green, green red blue, green blue red.

Once you have followed the instruction correctly, you will find rocks that appear in the hidden holes. You need to pick them and put them in the bowl each time. After you have got 4 rocks in the bowl, you can put the gems inside the bowl so that you can find the door opened.

Escape the Mansion Walkthrough Level 76-80

Level 79

The item that will help finish the riddle in this level is the book. You need to make it fall to the ground by shaking your phone. Once it is on the ground, you can open it and follow the following order to flip those pages in the book: Right Right Left Right Left and followed by shaking your phone. Now, you will see those squares on the door. You need to tap those squares correctly so that you can open the door. These are the squares that you need to tap: Row 1 Column 1, Row 2 Column 3, Row 3 Column 2, Row 4 Column 3.

Level 80
There will be rather difficult puzzle that you need to complete in this level. The point is that to tap the squares so that you can place a dot that followed by tapping the other squares so that you can connect them. The only thing that you need to notice is that you can only go in straight line to complete it. To make it simple, you can finish the puzzle this way: Start Row 4 Column 2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Right, Down, Left, Down, Right, Down.

Though it might be quite difficult if you do it on your own way, Escape the Mansion Walkthrough Level 76-80 above will tell you everything you need to know to complete the level and continue to the next level.



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