Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Unlock All Characters

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Unlock All Characters in Android and iPhone. Playing Family Guy The Quest For Stuff, there are several things that you need to know including Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Unlock All Characters that will tell you how to unlock all those characters you can find in this game. Indeed, you will find all your favorite characters that you can find in the series of Family Guy you watched on TV. It might look quite difficult to do unlocking those characters, but you will find it is not that difficult as you follow the clue on how to unlock them. The key is that you build the favorite location of every character. If you are the big fan of Family Guy series, you will know what location that loved by each character. Below are more clues that you can find to get all character in this game, you will find what building to build and in which district it should be built to get the character.

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Unlock All Characters

Family Guy Unlock All Characters:

  • Peter Griffin
    Location: The Griffin House (district 1)
  • Quagmire
    Location: Quagmire’s House (district 1)
  • Chris Griffin
    Location: The Griffin House
  • Bonnie Swanson
    Location: The Swanson House (district 1)
  • Jerome
    Location: The Drunken Clam (district 2)
  • Bruce
    Location: The Founding Father (district 2)
  • Mort Goldman
    Location: Goldman’s Pharmacy (district 3)
  • Lois
    Location: The Stop ‘n Shop (district 3)
  • Joe
    Location: James Woods High (district 4)
  • Herbert
    Location: The Playground (district 4)
  • Meg
    Location: Quahog Oceanland (district 5)
  • Seamus
    Location: The Lighthouse (district 5)
  • Dr. Hartman
    Location: Quahog Hospital (district 6)
  • Brian
    Location: Quahog Public Library (district 6)
  • Tricia
    Location: PF Chinese (unknown)
  • Connie
    Location: We Heal You Long Time (unknown)
  • Stewie
    Location: Bob’s Funland (unknown)
  • Carter
    Location: Quahog Cinema (unknown)

The most important thing about those four last characters is that you will not find them available in the game since they are not programmed yet. You will not find it comes with icon in the Bob’s Funland and Quahog Cinema, though the you can find the hospital icon can be found behind the lock icon in the store. What we can expect from those unknown location is that the developer will add the future district such as district 7, 8, even 9 for those locations or even they might provide the premium version so that we can unlock those characters.

Some other characters might be easy to get by following those clues above, but those rest four characters you find above with the unknown sign will not be that easy to get. However, you will still get them. The only way is that you way for the update that might provide specific district or location to build those building or even. There is still one other possibility left if you really want to try to get those characters. What you need to do is to look at Ollieland. This is how you will also find those four premium characters:

Family Guy Premium Characters

  • Buzz Killington
    Location: Barrington Country Club
  • Consuela
    Location: Consuela’s House
  • Brain Damaged Horse
    Location: Quahog Derby Stables
  • Jake Turner
    Location: Church

Those are those premium characters that you can get by paying the cost with clams. Each of them comes with different cost such as Jake Turner’s Church that cost 50 clams to build, Barrington Country Club will cost 250 clams to build, and Consuela’s House will cost 300 clams to build. They can be built anywhere as you find them as the premium character that will need you to pay with clams. It might be also the way you can find all those four characters with unknown district to build their location. You might find them are already in Ollieland’s version of Quahog. Those are details of Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Unlock All Characters which will help you to get all characters you can find in the series of Family Guy.



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