Full Motion Control Experience – Bowling Central is Now on iOS

    bowling centralThe unique bowling game – Bowling Central – is now available on iPhone and iPad according to the announcement from Rolocule Games today. If you like bowling in real life,  you should definitely try out this game which provides an exciting new bowling experience in the virtual world.

Play Bowling Central on your TV

Bowling Central is not just an ordinary finger swiping game. It can to be played using your TV as a screen and your phone as the bowling balls.

This game is using an Award winning motion control technology powered by rolomotion. It basically allows users to play games on HD TV using the mobile phone as a motion control – just like the Wiimote for Wii or the PS motion controllers for Playstation.

In other words, you can convert your living room into a bowling alley.

“We believe users will love all the aspects of the game, from fun arcade gameplay to stunning 3D graphics”
— Rohit Gupta, CEO of Rolocule Games.

30 Challenges Available

The begin with, the game has 30 challenges available. There will also be new challenges every month. Similar to reall bowling, players need to work on the direction and spin in order to achieve a high score.
Whether you are a beginner or a professional in bowling, I believe you would still enjoy this game.

More on http://www.bowlingcentralgame.com/



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