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There aren’t too many Pokemon games that evoke as much nostalgia as Pokemon Yellow does. In fact, after finishing the newer Pokemon games (as well as a couple of homebrews) on GBA4iOS, I immediately went to work on a copy of Yellow. If you’re not familiar with the game, it is technically a souped-up version of Pokemon Red & Blue. What makes this game unique is that it was the first to feature a Pokemon (Pikachu) accompanying the player as they explored the game world (and catch Pokemon of course).

Pokemon Yellow 19

Getting Started

With the game being one of the most critically acclaimed and popular in the series, it’s inclusion in GBA4iOS is to be expected. Once you’re able to download it using GBA4iOS’ in-app browser, you can immediately start playing the game as if it was 1998 all over again.

This time would be different though considering that you won’t need a Game Shark to enable cheats to get unlimited money, PP, as well as your favorite Pokemon. What’s great about Pokemon Yellow is that you’re basically limited to using just Game Shark codes which are a lot easier to keep track. In addition, there are numerous cheats available for Pokemon Yellow unlike some homebrews as well as other games released after it.

The Pokemon Yellow Cheat Codes

As you’ve probably read with my previous posts about Pokemon cheats, I usually start off with some that I believe are essential in making your playthrough as easy as possible.

Unlimited Money – 019946d3

Pokemon Yellow

This is really one of the most useful cheats that you can use in the game (or in any Pokemon game for that matter). As long as this is activated, you’re guaranteed to have an easier time finishing the game even if you the other cheats on this list are not active.

Free Master Balls – 01017CCF

Pokemon Yellow 2

Other than money, Poke Balls are the next most important commodity that you’ll need in the game. However, Poke Balls have limitations and you can’t really rely on them when you’re trying to catch high level or rare Pokemon. For this, you’ll need Master Balls. Now you can purchase these using your infinite/unlimited money cheat or you can also use the Free Master Balls cheat code below.

No Random Battles – 01033bd1

Running into tall grass is inevitable but with this cheat code enabled you’ll never have to worry about random encounters.

Encounter Codes

Now that you’ve got the essential starter cheat codes, next up would be the fun part: catching strong Pokemon. Before we actually proceed though, make sure that you deactivate the No Random Battles code that you activated earlier.

Level Modifier

This isn’t really necessary but you might want to modify the level of a wild Pokemon that you encounter (and eventually catch). You’ll need to activate this code together with the specific Pokemon encounter code (see some examples below). Take note that if you go this route then you might as well set the maximum level to 190.

Encounter Level 190 Pokemon – 01BE26D1

The Dream Team

Pokemon Yellow 15

Seriously, having these Pokemon in your team is guaranteed to help you beat all the gym leaders in no time. These are just suggestions though so make sure to check out other Pokemon that you might want on your team. It would be advisable to use the free Master Balls that you bought for these Pokemon. Even though their levels are the same with (or even lower than) your Pokemon, they’ll still resist being captured by normal Poke Balls.

Articuno – 014ad7cf
Pokemon Yellow 3

Pokemon Yellow 6

Zapdos – 014bd7cf

Pokemon Yellow 4

Pokemon Yellow 5

Moltres – 0149d7cf

Pokemon Yellow 13

Pokemon Yellow 14

Mewtwo – 0183d7cf

Pokemon Yellow 8

Pokemon Yellow 9

Mew – 0115d7cf

Pokemon Yellow 8 (2)

Pokemon Yellow 11

Pikachu-Specific Codes

As you probably noticed, I only caught five of these legendary Pokemon because I didn’t want to take out Pikachu from my party. The reason for this is that there are several special events in the game where Pikachu will be needed.

Surfing Pikachu – 013972d1

Pokemon Yellow 7

This cheat code will ensure that your Pikachu will have the Surf ability which you can then use on the Surfing Pikachu mini-game.


So we have gone through the most common GBA4iOS Pokemon Yellow Cheats. Like with most emulated Pokemon games, I wouldn’t recommend using too many cheats since these usually take away from the experience. If you want to share your favorite cheat for Pokemon Yellow then feel free to do so on the comments section below!

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