Guess The Emoji Level 2 Answers

Guess The Emoji Level 2 Answers for iPhone and Android. After finishing the first level of Guess The Emoji, you will need the Guess The Emoji Level 2 Answers to beat the next level of this game. There are more emoji with unique clues that you need to solve in this level 2. Since it can be quite difficult, even more difficult than the previous level, following answers for those sections in this level 2 will be very helpful for you to complete all those riddles that come from the emoji. Find out, whether the level 2 is still less challenging level to beat. If you find it rather difficult to solve on your own, you need to check these answers below to help you.

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Guess The Emoji Level 2 Answers – Level 11 to 20

Guess The Emoji Level 2 - 11 and 12

Level 2-11: Shell + Blue-Yellow Fish = Shellfish

Level 2-12: An Opened Book + Caterpillar = Bookworm

Guess The Emoji Level 2-13 and 2-14

Level 2-13: Crescent + Man Walking = Moonwalk

Level 2-14: Fire Burning + Truck = Fire Truck

Guess The Emoji Level 2-15 and 2-16

Level 2-15: Fire Burning + Alarm Clock = Fire Alarm

Level 2-16: Forbidden Sign + Burned Cigarette = No Smoking

Guess The Emoji Level 2-17 and 2-18

Level 2-17: Girl + Bug = Lady Bug

Level 2-18: Closet + Paper = Toilet Paper

Guess The Emoji Level 2-19 and 2-20

Level 2-19: Piece of Pizza + Carton Box = Pizza Box

Level 2-20: Angry Smiley + Bird Head = Angry Bird

Those are the answer you need for the level 2 of Guess The Emoji. Other than Guess The Emoji Level 2 Answers, you will also find more answers that will help you complete the rest of the level of this game. Happy Playing!



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