Hollywood Escape Walkthrough Level 1-2

Hollywood Escape Walkthrough Level 1-2Hollywood Escape: Walkthrough Level 1-2 for Android and iPhone – Are you ready to try another addictive escape game? Okay, let me bring you to the journey through the Hollywood places. This game is a point and click type of puzzle game. In this game your goal is to solve the puzzles and find all the hidden objects that you have to use in order to escape of the room and advance to the next room. So, what are you waiting for, lets challenge yourself in this brand new, addictive, and fun escape game, and to make your way easier, I will give you useful steps to solve the puzzles and unlock the doors so that you can complete the level 1-2 more quickly

Hollywood Escape Walkthrough

Hollywood Escape: Walkthrough Level 1

The first thing that you have to do in this level is to find the plug under the megaphone on the desk, then you need to take the wire and connect it with plug. After that, insert those items into the surge protector. Then, tap the TV and you will see 1760 on the screen. After you see that code number, you need to find the key inside the box. You can find it by tapping the box and put the 1760 into it. Then, take the key and use it to open the trailer door on the right.

Hollywood Escape: Walkthrough Level 2

To escape from this level, you need to make a hammer. To make it, the first thing you need to do is to reveal a card with number on it by tapping the table and tip over the tea cup. Then, tap the couch to take the cloth and use it to clean the spill to reveal another number. After you see the other number, tap the case on the floor and enter the 192 number code. Open the case and pick up the pen inside it. Then, take note of people in each picture.

  • Red = 1
  • Green = 2
  • Blue = 4
  • Black = 4

After that, tap the case on the couch and use the code number 1244 to open the case and take the object inside it. Make a hammer by combining those objects which you have found earlier. Use the hammer to crush the window and escape from the trailer.

These levels of this game is quite easy. But, I hope Hollywood Escape Walkthrough Level 1 -2 can help you to advance to the next level more quickly.



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