Icon Pop Song 2 Answers

Icon Pop Song 2 Answers for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android developed by Alegrium on iTunes and Google Play. Playing Icon Pop Song 2 will also need you those Icon Pop Song 2 Answers to help you deal with the levels that quite difficult in this level. Though it might look like the other common trivia game, Icon Pop Song 2 is not a common trivia game that will usually give you hints in pictures of various objects. Instead, it will tell you the hint using the original acoustic recording that produced originally by the developer. The point of this game is that you do guess the title of the song that provided in amazing acoustic cover. This is another kind of trivia game that need you to recognize the song using the acoustic cover that even arranged by the developer. You will also find some features that make this game even more addictive to play.

Icon Pop Song 2 Answers

Once you have idea about what kind of game Icon Pop Song 2, you are ready to play the game. Moreover, it will be the game that great for those who love music and listening various genre of song. Since it will be quite new trivia game for some of you, following Icon Pop Song 2 Answers will help you answer those songs given in this game. Following answer will tell you exactly what song title you will find in each level.

Icon Pop Song 2 Level 1 Answers

Artist (4 Letter Words)= Enya
Artist (7 Letter Words) = Rihanna
Artist (9 Letters Words) =Katy Perry
Artist (13 Letter Words) = Ellie Goulding
Artist (13 Letter Words) = Black Eyed Peas

Song Title (5 Letter Words) = Happy
Song Title (6 Letter Words) = The Fox
Song Title (7 Letter Words) = All Of Me
Song Title (7 Letter Words) = Gorilla
Song Title (8 Letter Words) = No Me Ames
Song Title (8 Letter Words) = Both Of Us

Though it might be little more different trivia game you find here, those Icon Pop Song 2 Answers above will help you complete those levels in this game. There are more answer that will help you to complete the levels in this game that will still make this game exciting to play.



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