Icon Pop Song 2 Level 2 Answers

Icon Pop Song 2 Level 2 Answers for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android developed by Alegrium on iTunes and Google Play. There are more answers available for Icon Pop Song 2 game that will help you continue to the next level. Following answers will tell you how to deal with level 2 of this game. Though it might be little difficult for you to solve on your own, the answer available will tell you the right answer that will help you complete each level easily. However, you need to keep the game exciting to play by let yourself use the answer after you don’t have any possible answer.

Icon Pop Song 2 Level 2 Answers

Icon Pop Song 2 Level 2 Answers and Solutions:

Artist (4 Letter Words)= Enya
Artist (7 Letter Words) = Rihanna
Artist (9 Letters Words) =Katy Perry
Artist (13 Letter Words) = Ellie Goulding
Artist (13 Letter Words) = Black Eyed Peas

Song Title (5 Letter Words) = Happy
Song Title (6 Letter Words) = The Fox
Song Title (7 Letter Words) = All Of Me
Song Title (7 Letter Words) = Gorilla
Song Title (8 Letter Words) = No Me Ames
Song Title (8 Letter Words) = Both Of Us

With those answers available above, it will be easier to guess all those clues given in each level. Icon Pop Song 2 Level 2 have told what you need to type in each of level 2 to complete them.



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