Ingress Players Can Earn New Medals by Recruiting New Agents

Niantic Labs announced that Ingress players can now earn the newly introduced Recruiter Medal by successfully recruiting new players to the game.

Ingress players can now invite friends to their faction by going to the “Recruit” tab inside the Ops menu. Base on the number of new agents recruited, the player will be awarded different type of medal. New agents are only counted towards your reward only when they reach level 3 or higher.

There are 5 different levels of medal:


  • Bronze – Recruit 2 players and they reach Level 3.

  • Silver – Recruit 10 players and they reach Level 3.

  • Gold – Recruit 25 players and they reach Level 3.

  • Platinum – Recruit 50 players and they reach Level 3.

  • Black – Recruit 100 players and they reach Level 3.



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