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The Inotia series has always been one of my favorite action-JRPGs on the Android platform. Lately I’ve been playing as an assassin in Inotia 4 and I realized that the free-to-play game does a lot of things right.

First off, item drops aren’t rare and you don’t need to purchase high-spec items to actually be good. With the right strategy and a little bit of grinding, you and your party can get through the whole game without having to resort to buying any item with real world money. With that said, the game isn’t for the faint of heart.

I’ve listed down some Inotia 4 Useful Tips to guide you as you play through the game as Kiyan.

Inotia 4 Loading Screen

Choosing a Class in Inotia

The most important part of the game is choosing your class. You have 6 classes to choose from, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and skills. Ideally, the game is supposed to be pretty balanced but there I’ve found that there are certain classes that are more efficient to use.


Inotia 4 Assassin

In my case, I chose to start with an assassin because of its high DPS (damage per second) output. This class also has a stealth ability which grants increased damage as well as invisibility even against most bosses.


Inotia 4 Warrior

If you’re after raw power output, you might want to get a warrior instead. It’s essentially the recommended starter class due to its above average combination of strength, defense, and vitality.

Black Knight

Inotia 4 Black Knight

Black Knights on the other hand are similar to warriors but with a focus on dealing damage through their magic. Like warriors they generally act as the tanks of the party.


Inotia 4 Priest

Priests are harder to level up due to the fact that their skills are party-based. This means you’ll have to stock up on lots of mercenary emblems and summon party members to be somewhat effective.

Warlock & Ranger

Inotia 4 Warlock

Inotia 4 Ranger

The warlock and ranger classes are long range damage dealers with different focuses. Warlocks rely on magic while rangers rely on weapon damaged aided by their dexterity. Both these classes also have summons which can be pretty handy when fighting against multiple mobs as well as bosses.

Leveling Up and Grinding

Inotia 4 Party Game Play

Once you’ve chosen a class, the next thing you’ll need to worry about is how to level up. The ranged classes are generally great for leveling up as well as for parties. However, if you want to solo the game (which isn’t recommended) then your best bet would be the assassin or warrior.

Starting with the Level 12 Queen Spider, bosses have longer life bars and thus become spongier. You’ll need to invest in dealing damage as well as staying alive long enough. For dexterity dependent classes like the Ranger and Assassin, you’ll want to allocate stat points to their dexterity and vitality attributes.

It would also be advisable that you grind a couple of levels before facing off against a boss or be in a party of 4-5 to effectively take them on. If you choose the latter option you might want to level up your party members as well.

Use Fusion Machines

Inotia 4 Durandal

If you need weapons and other equipment, then you’ll need to know how to use Fusion Machines.

The weapons you get here are more reliable than any monster drops you’ll ever encounter (at least during the first half of the game). For my assassin, I was able to unlock the Impassivity Blade (Dagger Level 13) and Durandal (Long Sword Level 10) from the Fusion Machine found at the Level 3 Shadow Hall.

With these two weapons, I could effectively dish out (more or less) 60 hp damage per hit against mobs which also scales as my level goes higher. This weapon set will be especially useful against the Level 12 Queen Spider that you’ll be fighting in the Spider’s Lair (main quest).

Another good thing about Fusion Machines is that in order to unlock the weapons, you’ll need to finish side-quests that will also help in raising your level. This is great for people who don’t like pointless grinding in their RPGs.

Is it advisable to buy Gems?

I would normally say to avoid buying gems or any other items with real world money but I actually bought an infinity bag for myself. This is pretty useful for accumulating equipment and materials for fusion. Remember, it’s not just you who’ll need the equipment. Later on, you can use these equipment/items on your own party to increase your overall damage output.

An Infinity Bag (good for 16 slots) and 10 gems pack also cost $0.99 so it’s not as if you’ll have to hock an arm and a leg for it. If spending money on anything is a no-go, then it’s possible that there’s a recipe for the Infinity Bag once you’ve completed the game (post game quests).

I haven’t verified this though so I might be wrong. Either way, you can always be more pro-active with micro-managing equipment by assigning them to party members the moment they’re dropped by mobs.

Have you played Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel yet? Share your useful tips with us on the comments!

James Inovejas

James Inovejas

I am in a love-hate relationship with games. If a game catches my eye, I make sure that I get to play it. The problem now is that I have too many games but so little time to play them! My current backlog (Steam and Android games) is at an all time high.

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11 Responses

  1. Avatar Sean says:

    i have trouble fighting shin as a black knight any tips ?

  2. Avatar Marc says:

    Is it your first encounter? If yes, you have to level up more until your level 14 that should be enough to defeat him, on your first encounter with him…

  3. Avatar Michella says:

    I cant seems to get pass the queen spider, how can I get pass?

  4. Avatar Josh says:

    Hi there!
    Iam playing inotia 4
    Anybody what better weapons can be used to my character
    Im only using warrior equipped with durandal and a normal longsword..

    • Avatar Sparda4 says:

      well for starters you need to get another durandal and i hate to say this but grind like an idiot for 4-5 above the mobs lvl and what stuff you do find off the mobs that is not blue or better sell it you’ll need the money later for lamps that you re roll (save before you open the lamp if it doesn’t have what you need go to main menu and do it over again)

  5. Avatar Soham says:

    I have difficulty for passing through goblin cave after defeating the spider Queen. Any suggestions.

  6. Avatar UnderMyProtection says:

    I would just like to leave a comment, I don’t mean to negate your opinions, but, I just want to share my thoughts, first, Priests are actually a very effective character in inotia 4, as if you don’t know yet, priests have the abilities to disable some bosses which may help lower their damage output, and 2nd, Priest have single and aoe(area of effect) heals which comes handy especially during boss fights instead of spamming potions (which has a very long cool down), also if the team suddenly becomes surrounded, by a group of strong mobs, you can easily counter it with an aoe sleep, and then tear them apart 1 by 1, also I just want to point out that, you are basically relying on early games which is I think was not a right thing to do, especially in an rpg’s, when creating a guide about games I suggest you pin points every aspect, fact, details, condense then plot, this might come in handy when giving tips to other players, also support classes aren’t that bad actually, for me they are the soul of the team, but then, this is just my opinion, overall it was very helpful, I like most of your points to each and every classes, everything is great for my point of view, I just want to give my opinion about the priest class, that’s all :p Sorry and Thanks Again ^_^

  7. Avatar Swift says:

    You can finish the game using any of the six classes. Just READ and have patience on everything. You can also obtain gold easily by selling weapons. A useful tip that I wanna share to you guys, when you entered another area and you find a drop weapon, you try to pull it right? And it would be either you get it or not. After that it disappears. So this is it, you can endlessly get out and get in on that certain area and watch for the “Yellow Dot” on that area to see if there is another chance for you to get a weapon.

  8. Avatar Swift says:

    Thus, you can easily gain gold by selling the weapons you can get from what I’ve suggested above. But it takes a lot of patience though. 🙂

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