Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game Tips and Tricks

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game Tips and TricksKim Kardashian Hollywood Game Tips and Tricks for Android, iPhone and iPad – Nowadays, mostly people know about a celebrity, named Kim Kardashian, and because of her popularity, now there is an exciting and addictive game which is called Kim Kardashian Game. This game slowly but sure also getting popular and becoming a fans favorite, it seems that everyone wants to be like her, right now. Actually, the concept of this game is simple, Kim Kardashian will be the users mentor and then the users work, gift and buy their way up the rungs of Hollywood to become an A-list celebrity. If you are addicted to the Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game, then you have come to the right place. Because, in here I will give you some cheats to make game play much more exciting and rewarding, and if you follow these cheats properly, you will rise to the A-List much faster and save money while doing it.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game Tips and Tricks for Android and iPhone

  • Don’t forget to change your appearance regularly
    In Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game, you should not wear the same thing outfit, makeup and hairstyle for too long, because if you do that people may start talking about you. So, whenever you go on a new job or start a new quest, it would be better if you change your outfits regularly to impress people and to get points more often.
  • Get free stars and money by watch video offers
    Now, just by watching videos offers you can get free money and stars. You can watch videos in exchange for free cash and stars. Every time you play this game, you should spend a few minutes so they can add up. So, be sure to visit both sections of the store as there are different sets of videos for both and you will get $10 per video and 1 star per video watched.
  • Get more stars by bring friends to gigs
    Invite some of your network people to join you on a gig. This will earn you more stars and level up faster. To invite someone to a gig, you can use the phone menu to call contacts and connections while you’re on jobs. But, remember the more prominent of a figure that shows up with you, the more you’ll earn.
  • Save your energy by work smarter not harder
    It means, don’t waste your energy on finishing the task quickly, if you decide to work a full or half shift at work. It would be better if you start these kinds of tasks before you close the game and go with shorter tasks while you’re playing that don’t require as much energy. By doing this, you can explore more without trade in stars for energy or having to pay real money.
  • Spend your money on stars
    In this game, it would be better if you spend your money on stars because during game play, money is pretty easy to collect. If you have more stars you can easy to buy items, because there are a lot of items you will want or need that you can not buy with money. Stars also can be used, if you need more energy, because you can trade stars for energy.
  • Save your stars to buy something more useful than clothes
    If you want to buy clothes, you should use your money. Although you will unlock a lot of interesting items in every level, you should wait until you are at a point in the game where you can afford it without having to exchange it stars.
  • Get faster to the A-List by send gifts to the inner circle people.
    If you want the inner circle like you more and to build a business or love relationship with them, you can gift them. You can send anything but hairstyles and furniture. Use the phone section of the game in order to find out what people are already popular and give them gifts.
  • Dates as many people as you want, but never get dumped
    When it comes to dating, if you want to climb faster to the top of A-List, you can date as many people as you want and develop serious relationships with all of them. But, do not get dumped by someone because it will negatively hurt your popularity. Avoid this by inviting them to meet you but don’t actually go on the date, and once they get there, do not tap their speech bubble. Just leave them there waiting for a date, this trick will keep them interested enough to stick around and they will not be able to dump you.

And these would be the top Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game Tips and Tricks. Hopefully, those cheats above will make your way easier to finish this game.



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