Make It Rain The Love of Money Cheats and Tips

Make It Rain The Love of Money Cheats and Tips for Android, iPhone and iPad – After you have played Make It Rain Games the Love of Money game, you will find it is a little difficult that you will need Cheats and Tips to help you play the game. Even though this game might be quite difficult for some of you, those cheats and tips will be your last solution that will help you make everything little bit easier to play. Following explanation will tell you both cheats and tips needed to play the game so that you will play it even easier than ever before.

Make It Rain The Love of Money Cheats and Tips

Make It Rain Cheats for Android and iPhone:

There are several things that you can find for the cheat you need to play the game. Following things to do will help you get more benefits from this game.

  • You can just easily quit the game and try to reopen it when you with the wheel stop on something you don’t like. Though it is one of the most helpful cheats, you might find it is no longer available after several updates of the game.
  • To avoid from losing earning rate while you might lose financial rate and money, you can try to upgrade your bill size that followed by upgrading the others.
  • You will be able to rack up a lot of money when you have high financial rate. To do so, you need to plug in your phone with turned off screen saver and leave it on. However, it is important to keep an eye on this phone since it might make your smartphone device hot.

Make It Rain Tips for Android and iPhone:

Beside the cheats available for this game, you will find it is also available with some tips to play this game even easier which will give you more benefits of playing it.

  • When you might come with losing financial rate from the wheel at the end, you will find it will cost you more in order to buy to the same rate again. The solution is not to upgrade too quickly your financials.
  • It is important to only redeem the free boost in the supercharge menu once you have fine earnings and financial rate.
  • If you bother about political investment, you will find it is difficult to get much for from the financial and earnings upgrade. So, don bother with the political investments until the end

Following those Make It Rain The Love of Money Cheats and Tips above, you will now be able to play this game better. Though it is a little bit difficult, it will not be as difficult as before.



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