Movie Quiz Block Busters Answers

Movie Quiz Block Busters Answers

Movie Quiz Block Busters Answers for Android by Quiz It. If you love to watch movie, you will find that playing Movie Quiz will be one of the best experiences which will also give you Movie Quiz Block Busters Answers as the answers for the one of those categories that you can find in this game. What you need to do is just to guess the title of the movie which will let you continue to the next screen shot that will give you different screen shot from certain movie. This category of Block Busters will give you those movies that considered as Block Busters movie. If you are big fan of those Block Busters Movies, you will find it is not that difficult to find the right answer for those screen shots given in this quiz. Try to use these following answers to help you complete this Block Busters category that will give you certain difficulty especially for those that might not get the update for those Block Buster movies regularly.

All Levels

Movie Quiz Block Busters Answers Level 1 to 54

Level 1: Spider Man
Level 2: Pirates Of The Caribbean
Level 3: The Great Gatsby
Level 4: Avatar
Level 5: Jurassic Park
Level 6: The Dark Knight
Level 7: The Fellowship Of The Ring
Level 8: Les Miserables
Level 9: Star Wars Iv: A New Hope
Level 10: Inception
Level 11: Slumdog Millionaire
Level 12: Fight Club
Level 13: Skyfall
Level 14: Rambo
Level 15: Scary Movie
Level 16: Bridget Jones’s Diary
Level 17: Prometheus
Level 18: Aviator
Level 19: Forrest Gump
Level 20: Kill Bill
Level 21: Tomb Raider
Level 22: Superman
Level 23: The Truman Show
Level 24: Indiana Jones 3
Level 25: Benjamin Button
Level 26: Braveheart
Level 27: Gladiator
Level 28: The Green Mile
Level 29: K-Pax
Level 30: A Beautiful Mind
Level 31: Black Hawk Down
Level 32: Rocky
Level 33: Transformers
Level 34: Titanic
Level 35: The Mask
Level 36: The Departed
Level 37: Ocean’s Eleven
Level 38: The Shawshank Redemption
Level 39: Leon
Level 40: Top Gun
Level 41: The Da Vinci Code
Level 42: Independence Day
Level 43: Cloud Atlas
Level 44: The Sixth Sense
Level 45: Robin Hood
Level 46: Men In Black
Level 47: Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Level 48: Apollo 13
Level 49: I Am Legend
Level 50: Casino Royale
Level 51: Star Trek
Level 52: Armageddon
Level 53: Hancock
Level 54: Speed

Though it can be quite difficult to find the right answer for this Block Buster category, you will find that Movie Quiz Block Busters Answers come with the right answer which will help you complete this level easily. After you have done with this category, you will find more categories waiting.



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