Pokemon Ash Gray (hack) Cheat Codes for GBA4iOS

Pokemon Ash Gray is one of the best homebrew ROMs out there. Numerous sites including Polygon (and of course PhoneResolve) have even cited it as one of the ROM hacks that Pokemon fans should play. The game is basically the first season of the Pokemon anime in game form. Dedicated fans took it upon themselves to make a Pokemon game based off of the anime since it seemed that Game Freak and Nintendo had no intentions of making one.


Yes, Gary is still a jerk here.

Getting Started

There are two ways to play Pokemon Ash Gray on your GBA4iOS emulator. The first option is to patch the Pokemon Ash Gray IPS file to your existing Pokemon FireRed ROM. This doesn’t usually take time considering the files aren’t really that large. Players can also just opt to download the patched version if they’d like to do away with patching the game on their own. Regardless of what option they chose, they’re guaranteed to have a great time playing this game.

Using Parent’s Cheat Codes

Now one of the hallmarks of Pokemon FireRed (Ash Gray’s parent ROM) is the availability of cheats for it. It’s also one of the most critically acclaimed and addictive of the third gen Pokemon games (along with LeafGreen). Another hallmark of the Leaf Green/Fire Red series is their support for cheats. This means that you can still totally use those FireRed Gameshark/Action Replay codes that you wrote down on your notebook for Pokemon Ash Gray. If for some reason you lost them, worry not because we’ve listed down a couple of cheats to get you started!

Note: If you’re wondering why some of these cheat codes look familiar, it’s because these are the same as what you’ll find in our previous articles for Pokemon Dark Rising 1 and Dark Rising 2. It’s also important to note that not all cheats that worked on the Dark Rising series will work on Ash Gray (will expound on this later on).

The Essentials Cheat Codes

Here are a couple of essential cheat codes that you’ll need to enable once you’ve downloaded Pokemon Ash Gray on your iPhone or iPad.

Walk Through Walls


509197D3 542975F4
78DA95DF 44018CB4

A fun cheat that is especially useful in areas that feature lots of random encounters like caves or tall grass. Once enabled, the player can pass through solid objects like walls and trees to avoid these random encounters as well as to cut down on travel time.

Cheap Items Code


716AD990 7BA5C8B0
AD86124F 2823D8DA

Having the Cheap Items code enabled will allow you to buy items from any Pokemar for only 1 Pokedollar. There are also codes that you can add as separate cheat inputs so that you can buy only one specific item from any Pokemart regardless if that item was originally sold there or not.

Master Ball


88CFA129 357400B2
8BB602F7 8CEB681A

Rare Candies


88CFA129 357400B2
51CF1F27 2E270374

Pokemon Encounter Codes Don’t Work


I considered not to include Encounter Codes here thinking that the game is best enjoyed the way it is. Additionally, Pokemon Ash Gray is still in beta (currently 4.2) and isn’t as stable as its parent ROM. I’ve tried using verified Gameshark and CodeBreaker codes to force an encounter with MewTwo which then caused the game to crash. Hopefully we can try out these encounter codes once the ROM hack gets a more stable release.

Whether you plan to use cheats or not, Pokemon Ash Gray is still a fun game to play. If you’ve been raring for a Pokemon game where you can re-live Ash and Pikachu’s story then make sure to play this.

Have any advice to play Pokemon Ash Gray or any cheats that you might want to share? Then we’ll gladly appreciate any input from you on the comments section!

James Inovejas

James Inovejas

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  1. Avatar shalini choudhary says:

    in pokemon beta 4.2 i am stuck in a house in orange island ,before there a man and woman comes out and talk to ash

    a lady is standing in front of and i cant go back [phone does not hanged] and i cant move forward

    pleseeeee helpppppppppp

  2. Avatar shalini choudhary says:

    many site tell it is a bug fixed…..
    and i cant replace it with beta 4.0
    so pleaseee help

  3. Avatar andrinanton says:


  4. Avatar Jorge says:

    xf prodrias dejar los gameshark de como obtener todos los pokemon e indicar como se los utiliza para que funcionen

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  6. Avatar Ace says:

    Doesn’t work on FireRed 😕😕😕😕😕😕

  7. Avatar robbert says:

    i am play this game

  8. Avatar Farxgarp says:

    My game freezes when I win the ticket to valentia island. What do I have to do?

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    I am playing this game…
    So I need cheats….

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    I love playing GBA’s.

  11. Avatar Varad says:

    How to get Pokemon ash gray cheats

  12. Avatar ali says:

    walk trogh wall 509197d3 5429-5f4 78da95df 44018cb4

  13. Avatar ali says:

    master code 1003DAE60003

  14. Avatar ali says:

    Pokemon gaia mega stone. charizhard x 00e7 charizhard y 00e8 mewtwo y 00f1 mewtwo x 00f0 blastois 00f9 venusaur 00e6 pigeot 01110

  15. Avatar ali says:

    Pokemon Ash Grey level 100 cheat.

  16. Avatar Yash says:

    Hi everybody what is website of Pokemon ash gray cheats if anybody now than tell me plz I needed cheats

  17. Avatar Sammo says:

    I cant get the pickaxe from Gary , he id already seen talking with the proffesor and I cant break any rocks . ANY HELP ?

  18. Avatar akash says:

    how can i get the bicycle to croos the bridge

  19. Avatar rafael RaHmAn says:

    i have placed the ice sphere,fire sphere,thunder sphere,,,,,,,,,now what to do??when the orange league starts and where i can get the tropic pass?
    i am still stuck on shaumoti island!!!!!

  20. Avatar Jj says:

    Hate is bad man

  21. Avatar dishu says:

    Last wale Chet pokemon encountere me likha ha a wild Rattata appear but Baja to mew to ha amazing

  22. Avatar Kushal says:

    Anybody know how to go in 5gym

  23. Avatar Kushal says:

    Anybody know how to go in 5gym

  24. Avatar Smit says:

    After meeting elite four in some island she asks me to come at her home but when I try to reach there is sand and water.somebody plz help me

  25. Avatar Aryan says:

    Infinite HP in battle

  26. Avatar Rohan Lama says:

    Plz anyone know unlimited safari time

  27. Avatar Rohan says:

    In super cheats I found walk through wall code working

  28. Avatar RUPALI says:

    where is Trovita island plzz help me I will give you cheats

  29. Avatar DEVASHISH says:

    this is horrible …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  30. Avatar Gabi says:

    I cant get out of the pool in cerulean gym what can i do to get out in there

  31. Avatar Gabi says:

    Still nothing. Please help me please!!!!!

  32. Avatar Gabi says:

    Is there a one line code?

  33. Avatar Gabi says:

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  38. Avatar SAHIl says:

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  39. Avatar Neo lund says:

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  40. Avatar saygn44 says:

    can anyone help me to tell that how to get to orange island 4th gym in pokemon ashgrey

  41. Avatar Anuj says:

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