Pokemon Prism (hack) Cheat Codes for GBA4iOS

I wasn’t too keen on playing Pokemon Prism for a variety of reasons. The most obvious of these would be the fact that the ROM hack is based off of the Pokemon Gold ROM. Now for those who’re unfamiliar with their Pokemon game history, Gold was one of the hallmark titles for the Gameboy Color.

Although it was great for its time, the game featured a smaller number of Pokemon compared to succeeding games in the third generation (e.g. Fire Red and Leaf Green). Honestly, I was expecting for the worst the moment I booted up Pokemon Prism on GBA4iOS. Now imagine my surprise when I checked the time on my phone to find that I’ve been playing the game for 4 hours straight!

Should You Use Cheats?

The great thing about Pokemon Prism is the fact that you don’t really need to use cheats to enjoy it. Aside from losing track of time, I also forgot to input some of the cheat codes that I researched about in preparation for my playthrough of the game.

Not everyone might have the same experience as I did so I’ve also listed down a couple of the cheat codes for you, my dear readers. If you’re ready to play Pokemon Prism then I suggest you list the following cheats down on your phone or notebook (whichever you prefer).

Working Cheats

Remember that Pokemon Gold was released more than a decade ago and for the Gameboy Color at that. The Game Shark cheat codes that I’m going to list down might seem alien to you if you’ve been used to using the ones for the third generation of games. Worry not though because the method of enabling these doesn’t differ from that of the more recent titles.

Walk Through Walls (GameShark/Action Replay)


walkthrough walls


What’s a Pokemon game without this cheat? You’re probably sick and tired of seeing this type of cheat in my write-ups but then again, it is really handy. The only caveat of this cheat is that you can’t go inside doors when it’s enabled. For traversing long distances though, this can be quite handy.

Always On Bike


This cheat allows you to run/travel faster and can be a good alternative/companion cheat for Walk Through Walls.

Lots of Money


lots of money

Using this cheat will give you around 66000 Poke Dollars to use as you see fit. Resetting the amount that you spent is a simple matter of disabling and then re-enabling the cheat on your GBA4iOS.

Infinite Master Balls in Slot 1


masterballs in slot 1

When it comes to catching Pokemon, nothing beats a Master Ball except an infinite number of Master Balls. This cheat will give you 99 Master Balls in the first slot of your Pack’s Poke Ball/Med pocket. You’ll have a formidable team of Pokemon in no time when you couple this cheat with the Pokemon encounter codes that I’ve listed below.

Pokemon Encounter Codes

For some reason, Koolboyman changed the names and sprites of some of the legendary Pokemon. Don’t worry though since the ones I chose are just as strong (if not stronger depending on how you raise their levels) as their Pokemon Gold/Silver versions.
















As I made additional research about Pokemon Prism, I realized that it actually got voted by PokeCommunity as its ROM Hack of the Year back in 2007. Overall, Pokemon Prism has been an eye-opener for me in terms of its gameplay and playability.

Not all good Pokemon ROM hacks have to be based off of Fire Red/Leaf Green or Ruby/Sapphire. I also had the impression that Koolboyman did a great job at polishing Pokemon Prism. In fact, I didn’t encounter many issues while playing (other than with Walk through Walls not working at times) even though the version I played was still in Beta.

If you’d like to add your own Pokemon Prism (hack) cheat codes for GBA4iOS, then make sure to share/write them down in the comments section below!

James Inovejas

James Inovejas

I am in a love-hate relationship with games. If a game catches my eye, I make sure that I get to play it. The problem now is that I have too many games but so little time to play them! My current backlog (Steam and Android games) is at an all time high.

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  1. Avatar anirudh says:

    Here are all GameShark for Pokemon Prism

    Fight Any Pokemon

    Replace xx with:

    01: Bulbasaur
    02: Ivysaur
    03: Venusaur
    04: Charmander
    05: Charmeleon
    06: Charizard
    07: Squirtle
    08: Wartortle
    09: Blastoise
    0A: Caterpie
    0B: Metapod
    0C: Butterfree
    0D: Chingling
    0E: Chimecho
    0F: Torkoal
    10: Pidgey
    11: Pidgeotto
    12: Pidgeot
    13: Taillow
    14: Swellow
    15: Spearow
    16: Fearow
    17: Buneary
    18: Lopunny
    19: Pikachu
    1A: Raichu
    1B: Shinx
    1C: Luxio
    1D: Luxray
    1E: Electrike
    1F: Manectric
    20: Snorunt
    21: Glalie
    22: Froslass
    23: Volbeat
    24: Illumise
    25: Vulpix
    26: Ninetails
    27: Jigglypuff
    28: Wigglytuff
    29: Zubat
    2A: Golbat
    2B: Aron
    2C: Lairon
    2D: Aggron
    2E: Paras
    2F: Parasect
    30: Venonat
    31: Venomoth
    32: Bronzor
    33: Bronzong
    34: Skorupi
    35: Drapion
    36: Cranidos
    37: Rampardos
    38: Shieldon
    39: Bastiodon
    3A: Growlithe
    3B: Arcanine
    3C: Whismur
    3D: Loudred
    3E: Exploud
    3F: Abra
    40: Kadabra
    41: Alakazam
    42: Machop
    43: Machoke
    44: Machamp
    45: Bellsprout
    46: Weepinbell
    47: Victreebell
    48: Tentacool
    49: Tentacruel
    4A: Geodude
    4B: Graveler
    4C: Golem
    4D: Ponyta
    4E: Rapidash
    4F: Slowpoke
    50: Slowbro
    51: Magnemite
    52: Magneton
    53: Magnezone
    54: Drifloon
    55: Drifblim
    56: Sabeleye
    57: Spiritomb
    58: Shuppet
    59: Banette
    5A: Duskull
    5B: Dusclops
    5C: Gastly
    5D: Haunter
    5E: Gengar
    5F: Onix
    60: Lunatone
    61: Solrock
    62: Vibrava
    63: Flygon
    64: Makuhita
    65: Hariyama
    66: Exeggcute
    67: Exeggcutor
    68: Cacnea
    69: Cacturne
    6A: Hitmonlee
    6B: Hitmonchan
    6C: Trapinch
    6D: Koffing
    6E: Weezing
    6F: Rhyhorn
    70: Rhydon
    71: Chansey
    72: Tangela
    73: Kangaskhan
    74: Tangrowth
    75: Mawile
    76: Goldeen
    77: Seaking
    78: Lotad
    79: Lombre
    7A: Ludicolo
    7B: Scyther
    7C: Relicanth
    7D: Electabuzz
    7E: Magmar
    7F: Electivire
    80: Magmortar
    81: Magikarp
    82: Gyarados
    83: Absol
    84: Ditto
    85: Eevee
    86: Vaporeon
    87: Jolteon
    88: Flareon
    89: Porygon
    8A: Varaneous
    8B: Lileep
    8C: Cradily
    8D: Anorith
    8E: Armaldo
    8F: Snorlax
    90: Articuno
    91: Zapdos
    92: Moltres
    93: Beldum
    94: Metang
    95: Metagross
    96: Mewtwo
    97: Mew
    98: Chikorita
    99: Bayleef
    9A: Meganium
    9B: Cyndaquil
    9C: Quilava
    9D: Typhlosion
    9E: Totodile
    9F: Croconaw
    A0: Feraligatr
    A1: Sentret
    A2: Furret
    A3: Ralts
    A4: Kirlia
    A5: Gardevoir
    A6: Gallade
    A7: Spinarak
    A8: Ariados
    A9: Crobat
    AA: Chinchou
    AB: Lanturn
    AC: Pichu
    AD: Carnivine
    AE: Igglybuff
    AF: Togepi
    B0: Togetic
    B1: Natu
    B2: Xatu
    B3: Mareep
    B4: Flaaffy
    B5: Ampharos
    B6: Togekiss
    B7: Marill
    B8: Azumaril
    B9: Numel
    BA: Camerupt
    BB: Wailmer
    BC: Wailord
    BD: Surskit
    BE: Masquerain
    BF: Shroomish
    C0: Breloom
    C1: Yanma
    C2: Yanmega
    C3: Leafeon
    C4: Espeon
    C5: Umbreon
    C6: Murkrow
    C7: Slowking
    C8: Misdreavus
    C9: Mismagius
    CA: Swablu
    CB: Altaria
    CC: Pineco
    CD: Forretress
    CE: Rhypherior
    CF: Gligar
    D0: Steelix
    D1: Gliscor
    D2: Feebas
    D3: Milotic
    D4: Scizor
    D5: Riolu
    D6: Lucario
    D7: Sneasel
    D8: Teddiursa
    D9: Ursaring
    DA: Slugma
    DB: Magcargo
    DC: Swinub
    DD: Piloswine
    DE: Gible
    DF: Gabite
    E0: Garchomp
    E1: Bagon
    E2: Shelgon
    E3: Salamence
    E4: Houndour
    E5: Houndoom
    E6: Mamoswine
    E7: Phanpy
    E8: Donphan
    E9: Porygon2
    EA: PorygonZ
    EB: Weavile
    EC: Tyrogue
    ED: Hitmontop
    EE: Fambaco
    EF: Elekid
    F0: Magby
    F1: Sylveon
    F2: Blissey
    F3: Groudon
    F4: Kyogre
    F5: Rayquaza
    F6: Larvitar
    F7: Pupitar
    F8: Tyranitar
    F9: Lugia
    FA: Ho-oh
    FB: Raiwato
    FD: Egg (hatching will hatch an egg only)

    Level xx All Pokemon You Fight
    Crystal – 91xx13D2

    Replace xx with the Following:
    Type in the Level you want:
    Replace xx with:
    NOTE: When you lv up from 255 your Pokemon will want to learn all the attacks so you can pick the moves instead of waiting. Also works when you pick up your POKEMON from the breeding center and Elm?s Lab.

    Fight a Shiny Pokemon
    NOTE: You can’t run away from shiny pok?mon.


    Exp. Points Modifier:
    Exp. Points Modifier (Larger) 1st 01xx32DA 91xxE7DC
    Exp. Points Modifier (Shorter) 01xx33DA 91xxE8DC
    Exp. Points Modifier (Smaller) 01xx34DA 91xxE9DC

    Level Modifier Codes
    Replace xx with:
    00: Lv0
    64: Lv100
    FF: Lv255

    1st 01xx49DA 91xxFEDC
    2nd 01xx79DA 91xx2EDC
    3rd 01xxA9DA 91xx5EDC
    4th 01xxD9DA 91xx8EDC
    5th 01xx09DB 91xxBEDC
    6th 01xx39DB 91xxEEDC

    Note: This may mess up a POKEMON when it?s ready to grow, Use a POKEMON that is strong, but doesn?t need 3 EXP.Points to grow a LEVEL, to battle while using this code.
    Note 2: Instead of using this code you could use the Experience Points Modifier Code (Above) to avoid this problem.
    The Pokemon wont get it’s new level right away, the trick is to deposit the Pokemon in pc and then withdraw it back to see it’s effect. .

    Pokemon’s Happiness Modifier

    1st 01xx45DA 91xxFADC
    2nd 01xx75DA 91xx2ADD
    3rd 01xxA5DA 91xx5ADD
    4th 01xxD5DA 91xx8ADD
    5th 01xx05DB 91xxBADD
    6th 01xx35DB 91xxEADD

    Replace xx with one of the following digits:

    00: (0) Means your Pokemon hates you (sets Frustration’s base at 102.)
    46: (70) Is where you start from after catching or trading.
    DA: (218) Is the requirement for happiness evolution.
    FF: (255) Is the maximum. (This will set Return’s base damage to 102.)

  2. Avatar Najish Mahmud says:

    pokemon level modifier

    modify Level of All Pokemon You Fight


    replace xx with desired level

    catch any pokemon!!!


    replace the following numbers with xx

    01- bulbasaur
    02- ivasaur
    03- venusaur
    04- charmender
    05- charmelion
    06- charizard
    07- squirtle
    08- wartortle
    09- blastoise
    0a- caterpie
    0b- metapod
    0c- butterfree
    0d- chingling
    0e- chimecho
    0f- torkoal
    10- pidgey
    11- pidgeotto
    12- pidgeot
    13- taillow
    14- swellow
    15- spearow
    16- fearow
    17- buneary
    18- lopunny
    19- pikachu
    1a- raichu
    1b- shinx
    1c- luxio
    1d- luxray
    1e- electrike
    1f- manectric
    20- snorunt
    21- glalie
    22- froslass
    23- volbeat
    24- illumise
    25- vulpix
    26- ninetales
    27- jigglypuff
    28- wigglypuff
    29- zubat
    2a- golbat
    2b- aron
    2c- lairon
    2d- aggron
    2e- paras
    2f- parasect
    30- venonat
    31- venomoth
    32- bronzor
    33- bronzong
    34- skorpi
    35- drapion
    36- cranidos
    37- rampardos
    38- sheildon
    39- bastiodon
    3a- growlithe
    3b- arcanine
    3c- whismur
    3d- loudred
    3e- exploud
    3f- abra
    40- kadabra
    41- alakazam
    42- machop
    43- machoke
    44- machamp
    45- bellsprout
    46- weepinbell
    47- victrebell
    48- tentacool
    49- tentacruel
    4a- geodude
    4b- gravler
    4c- golem
    4d- ponyta
    4e- rapidash
    4f- slowpoke
    50- slowbro
    51- magnemite
    52- magneton
    53- magnezone
    54- drifloon
    55- drifblim
    56- sableye
    57- spiritomb
    58- shuphet
    59- banette
    5a- duskull
    5b- dusclops
    5c- gasty
    5d- haunter
    5e- ganger
    5f- onix
    60- lunatone
    61- solrock
    62- vibrava
    63- flygon
    64- makuhita
    65- hariyama
    66- exeggcute
    67- exeggutor
    68- cacnea
    69- cacturn
    6a- hitmonlee
    6b- hitmonchan
    6c- trapinch
    6d- koffing
    6e- weezing
    6f- rhyhorn
    70- rhydon
    71- chansey
    72- tangela
    73- kangaskan
    74- tangrowth
    75- mawile
    76- goldeen
    77- seaking
    78- lotad
    79- lombre
    7a- ludicolo
    7b- scyther
    7c- relicanth
    7d- electabuzz
    7e- magmar
    7f- electivire
    80- magmortar
    81- magicarp
    82- gyrados
    83- absol
    84- ditto
    85- eevee
    86- vaporeon
    87- jolteon
    88- flareon
    89- porygon
    8a- VARANEOS
    8b- lileep
    8c- cradily
    8d- anorith
    8e- armaldo
    8f- snorlax
    90- articuno
    91- zapdos
    92- moltres
    93- beldum
    94- metang
    95- metagross
    96- mewtwo
    97- mew
    98- chicorita
    99- bayleaf
    9a- meganium
    9b- cyndaquil
    9c- quilava
    9d- typhlosion
    9e- totodile
    9f- crocnow
    a0- feraligator
    a1- sentret
    a2- furret
    a3- ralts
    a4- kirlia
    a5- gardevior
    a6- gallade
    a7- spinarak
    a8- aridos
    a9- crobat
    aa- chinchou
    ab- lanturn
    ac- pichu
    ad- carnivine
    ae- iglibuff
    af- togepi
    b0- togetic
    b1- natu
    b2- xatu
    b3- mareep
    b4- flaffy
    b5- ampharos
    b6- togekiss
    b7- maril
    b8- azumaril
    b9- numel
    ba- camerupt
    bb- wailmer
    bc- wailord
    bd- surskit
    be- masquerain
    bf- shroomish
    c0- breloom
    c1- yanma
    c2- yanmega
    c3- leafeon
    c4- espeon
    c5- umbreon
    c6- glaceon
    c7- slowking
    c8- misdrevus
    c9- mismagius
    ca- swablu
    cb- altrai
    cc- pineco
    cd- forretress
    ce- rhyperior
    cf- gligar
    d0- steelix
    d1- gliscor
    d2- feebas
    d3- milotic
    d4- scizor
    d5- riolu
    d6- lucario
    d7- sneasel
    d8- teddisura
    d9- ursaring
    da- slugma
    db- magcargo
    dc- swinb
    dd- piloswine
    de- gibon
    df- gabite
    e0- garchomp
    e1- bogon
    e2- shelgon
    e3- salamence
    e4- houndour
    e5- houndoom
    e6- mamoswine
    e7- phanpy
    e8- donphan
    e9- poryzon-2
    ea- poryzon-z
    eb- weavle
    ec- tyrogue
    ed- hitmontop
    ee- fambaco
    ef- elekid
    f0- magby
    f1- syvlion
    f2- blissy
    f3- groudon
    f4- kyogre
    f5- rayquaza
    f6- lavitar
    f7- pupitar
    f8- tynitar
    f9- lugia
    fa- ho-oh
    fb- raiwato
    fc- phancero
    fe- libabeel

  3. Avatar blade says:

    looking for mewtwo code

  4. Avatar Kale says:

    Could someone just give the rare candy code?
    Plz and Thx

  5. Avatar gray30127 says:

    Good evening, there would be a code for rare candy?

  6. Avatar sachin saxena says:

    I didn’t get the keys for opening the mansion door in ghost cave in boston city .#pokemon prism.

  7. Avatar natflat says:

    prism is definitely a pokemon crystal based hack not gold

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