Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Rescue Rangers (hack) Cheat Codes for GBA4iOS

Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Rescue Rangers is a gem I came across while playing Pokemon ROM hacks over the Lenten break.

As you might have guessed from its title, the game is part of the Pokemon Ruby Destiny series of ROM hacks. However, the game is worlds apart from other games in the series (or even other ROM hacks in general). This is because instead of letting you control a human character, the game lets you play as Pikachu instead.

Actually, the game reminded me a lot of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (which was also a game that allowed you to play as Pokemon instead of humans) as well as Pokemon Yellow (you still played as a human but you also get Pikachu for company in your journey).

Are Cheats Available for this Version?

Considering the extensive re-coding done for this ROM hack, it would be safe to assume that some of the available cheats in the game might not work. I did experience some minor issues with the cheats that I enabled but these did not deter from the overall experience.

Whether you’re playing on GBA4iOS or any other emulator, make sure that you always save your game to ensure that your progress won’t be lost in the event that you encounter a crash.

Start with these Cheats

Walk through Walls

Pokemon Rescue Rangers walk through walls

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Walking through walls is always handy in this game due to the sometimes maddening amount of random encounters you’ll face.

Infinite Rare Candy

Pokemon Rescue Rangers infinite rare candies

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Having an infinite amount of rare candies is especially important if you want to level up your Pokemon faster. This cheat will place an infinite amount of these rare candies on the 2nd Item slot of your bag.

Infinite Master Balls

Pokemon Rescue Rangers infinite masterballs

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If you’re tired of having that rare or legendary Pokemon escaping from your grasp then you’ll love this cheat. You probably won’t have to wait long before you can completely catch all the Pokemon in the game.

No Random Encounters

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This is particularly important in dungeons where there aren’t that many walls that Pikachu can use for the walk through walls cheat code.

Pokemon Encounter Codes


Pokemon Rescue Rangers ho-oh

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437065EF 67DF37EF


Pokemon Rescue Rangers lugia

39E924C4 4136A9DD
545C676A 51FFDC1C


Pokemon Rescue Rangers tyranitar

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32D66B09 40354103


You’re only left with three more Pokemon to capture using your Master Balls due to Chikorita and Torchic already taking up the first two slots in your party. If you wanted to though, you can have Mewtwo take the place of one of them. You’ll still need to level up yourself (as Pikachu) and the two Pokemon mentioned above if you want to advance the story.


Pokemon Rescue Rangers mewtwo

39E924C4 4136A9DD

Playing Pokemon Ruby Destiny Rescue Rangers was indeed a fun experience. Out of all the ROM hacks I’ve played up until now (and there have been A LOT of them), this is probably the only one that had me pulling out the cheat codes faster than you could say “Pokemon”. In fact, this is one of the games that I’d actually advocate you to use all the cheats I mentioned above because of how punishing it can get. It also helps that the story isn’t too shabby. Though it might not pass for the real deal, it still gets the Pokemon story and mythos right.

Honestly, a lot of people seem to have overlooked how good of a game Pokemon Ruby Destiny Rescue Rangers is. Pikachu, the difficulty of the game (most probably inspired by the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games), as well as the sense of adventure I genuinely felt when playing the game on an iPad are probably the top reasons why you should play the game.

James Inovejas

James Inovejas

I am in a love-hate relationship with games. If a game catches my eye, I make sure that I get to play it. The problem now is that I have too many games but so little time to play them! My current backlog (Steam and Android games) is at an all time high.

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  1. Avatar xtian cuenco says:

    Masterball cheatcode won’t work in my boy emulator

  2. Avatar Parmar sahil says:

    1,2,3,4,5,6 Pokemon Max All stats what ……………. cheats and I am finished the game

  3. Avatar Gavin says:

    Walk through wallls won’t work on mine

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