Pokemon Ruby GBA4IOS Cheats

The Game Boy Advance, commonly known as GBA, is a video game console of Nintendo. If you grew up playing a GBA and want to play those nostalgic games again, there is a way you can play them on your iOS devices with GBA4IOS emulator. While playing them on iOS, if you are interested in using some cheats to boost your game play, our Pokemon Ruby GBA4IOS cheats guide might help you with that.


To play GBA games on iOS, you must know how to install GBA4IOS on your iOS. Unlike other apps you can’t install GBA4iOS from the App Store. You have to visit gba4iosapp.com and install it by tapping the purple button. Download the 2.0 or newer version if your device supports it.

After installing GBA4IOS, open safari or any other browser you have by tapping the button on top right corner. Then find the game you are looking for and download it. Once the download is done, open the game using GBA4IOS.

For existing game, open iTunes, then click on your device in the top right corner and click “Apps” then scroll to down to the “File Sharing” section. Click GBA4iOS, and then drag in the games you want to play.


If you were able to run GBA4IOS successfully, you can access cheat menu while playing a game by tapping the menu button. Click “Edit” from the Cheats menu, tap the plus button, and select what type of cheat it is. Then you can finally type the given cheat code.

Choose your preferred Pokemon Ruby GBA4IOS cheat codes

Now, as a former GBA user, you probably know there are two renowned cheat devices for game boy advance, Gameshark and Action Replay. And the emulator has no difference as well. So, you have to use one of them and it mostly depends on what you want. Action Replay offers more customization and large number of cheats but more likely to mess up your game. While on the other hand GameShark has few cheats but less complicated and much safer. I would suggest Action Replay only if you are good at figuring out things otherwise simply go for GameShark.


Furthermore, on using the cheat in the GBA game on your iOS device, you need to do it correctly. The problem of those codes that might not work is that they are put under the wrong menu. So, be careful when selecting the type of the codes. Once you got how it works, you are ready to use those codes below to help you.

To be able to use cheat codes, at first you need to activate the master cheat and then you can use rest cheats as you need.

Codes for Action Replay v. 3

  • Master code: DE00AAFD 2EBD05D0 530823D9 16558191
  • Always Maxed Out Genes: E81AFCC5 B6A87F8D
  • Change the quantity of the 1st item in your PC to 99: 458DC267 EE7A6705
  • Unlimited Money: D190B41E FAE74D9E
  • Catch any Pokémon on first try: 6637A9FB98D7FAA4 8BB602F78CEB681A
  • Walk through Walls: E03B0649 5D67050C 78DA95DF 44018CB4


Codes for GameShark or Pro Action Replay version 1.2 or lower

  • Master code: 9E6AC862 823AB7A8 46B7D9E4 A709E9E1
  • Change the quantity of the 1st item in your PC to 99: D261DC6D 197B4DC2
  • Master balls in first slot of PC: DCEEEC34 AFEADC26
  • All badges: 01FF7CD5 00111
  • Unlimited Money: EF6BB9F3 A0BDF629
  • Walk through Walls: CE2CCCB2 5D8D815D
  • Catch any Pokémon on first try: 6937E6C8 DEF25C87


That would be all for now. However, if you like playing Pokémon ruby on your IOS devices and enjoyed the cheats we’ve given, you can use Google and search Pokemon Ruby GBA4IOS cheats for more cheat codes and try them as well. It shouldn’t be hard now, as you already know how to apply them in game. Enjoy your game and catch them all!



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