Pokemon Snakewood (hack) Cheat Codes for GBA4iOS

Pokemon Ruby was one of the first Pokemon games that I was able to play on the GBA (along with Sapphire). What set this title apart from other games in the series was its extensive support for cheats. Anyone who had a GameShark could practically breeze through the whole game, albeit they’d miss out on its great story and engaging (yet sometimes grind-y) gameplay.


A couple of days ago I came across a ROM hack based off on this game called Pokemon Snakewood and gave it a try on both my mobile devices (iPad and Android). I never thought that I’d be able to shake off the nostalgia of playing Pokemon Ash Gray but there was just something to this game that made me spend a good chunk of the day playing. Possibly the only issue that I had with it is the fact that it has plenty of fakemon. It’s not that I don’t like fakemon in my games but their presence makes it harder to use Pokemon encounter cheat codes (or other cheat codes for that matter).

Getting Started with Pokemon Snakewood Cheat Codes

As with other Pokemon ROMs and ROM hacks we’ve played in the past, we’ve also prepared some essential cheats that are guaranteed to help you in your journey in the world of Pokemon Snakewood. We’ve also ensured these codes will work on either GBA4iOS or Android (My Boy, John GBA) emulators.

Master Codes (Optional)

530823D9 16558191

Essential Cheat Codes

Lots of Money


EF6BB9F3 A0BDF629 or
1B3E8B0C E075B270

Money is important whether it’s in the real world or in the game world. Having a near infinite supply of money will ensure that you can buy all the necessary items you’ll need in your journey. This is actually the only cheat I’d suggest you use if you want to finish the game faster.

Walk Through Walls


E03B0649 5D67050C
78DA95DF 44018CB4

One of the most enduring and popular cheats in the Pokemon series. This allows you to phase through walls to make travelling through the dystopian and zombie infested world of Pokemon Snakewood quicker. As a precaution, I would suggest that you only activate this cheat (or any other cheat for that matter) when you absolutely need to.

Afro Ball/Master Ball


99A16A27 C4A3783C
C0B150A8 9A8831A0

The Afro Ball in Pokemon Snakewood is essentially the equivalent of Ruby’s (as well as the other Pokemon games’) Master Ball. This cheat places 99 Afro Balls on your Bag’s Item Pocket. To place these in their designated pocket, you’ll need to deposit them to your PC first. The minute you withdraw them, you’ll find that these will be in the Poke Ball pocket of your bag.

Max Health



830043B6 03E7

This will give your Pokemon 999/infinite health, regardless of its level. This is particularly effective when paired with the next cheat on this list.

Max Attack


830043BA 03E7

Together with Max Health, this cheat code will make any Pokemon you have on your team near invincible (as long as they’re on the first slot). Theoretically, you could finish the whole game with just these two cheat codes enabled! They’re also extremely easy to write down unlike the other codes on this list. So if you’re feeling a little lazy then you might want to fire up these codes and breeze through the whole game.

What about Pokemon Encounter Codes?

Since the game features a lot of Fakemon, most of the encounter codes for Pokemon Ruby won’t work here. I’ve tried using Treecko and Mew’s codes with little success. As of this time, I feel that the current cheats that I’ve listed down will be more than enough to finish the whole game.

Got any questions about Pokemon Snakewood (hack) cheat codes for GBA4iOS? Want to add cheats that worked for you and aren’t on the list? Then be sure to hit up the comments section and share what you know!

James Inovejas

James Inovejas

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