Rovio RETRY guide and tips

Rovio RETRY is a side-scrolling game where you have to control a very unreliable plane. If you have played the game already, you probably know Rovio named the game “RETRY” for a reason. Now, if you want to play RETRY without retrying tons of times and getting frustrated. Our RETRY guide and tips might be able to help you with that.



In the game the plane moves forward on its own and you have to tap the screen in order to fly upwards. And the goal of the game is to navigate the plane through various obstacles and reach the destination. To do that without failing lots of time, you need to follow some rules, tricks and most importantly know how to control this unstable plane. Well, let’s find out what you should do.


RETRY Tricks and Tips

  • If you hold your screen for too long, the plane will go into a loop and eventually crash. So, you should avoid long pressing and stick with small rhythmic tap to keep the plane steady, as most of the stages are straight or just slightly curved.
  • However, sometime doing the loop can save your life. For example, if you’re facing a low obstacle and then there is a high one is just right in front of you, doing a loop can give you enough space to reposition and balance your altitude.retry5
  • As you see, obstacles always come up from the right side. So, avoid using the right side of the screen as your view range can be compromised by that. It is better, if you can use the left thumb to tap the screen.
  • You know, you can always land anywhere on the water without crashing the plane. Use that as an advantage when you are losing the control or need to reposition the plane or simply want to relax your hand for a moment.
  • You can earn many coins each level, and to unlock next check point you need to spend them as well. But it would be wise if you can collect all of them from each level and use as few as possible on the checkpoints.
  • If you land on a checkpoint, there are options where you have to pay in coin or watch ads to unlock it. You can watch ads only limited number of time and coins are really valuable. So instead of spending coins, watch ads to unlock checkpoints whenever you get the opportunity.
  • And last but not the least, though it is boring, you should retry levels until you can complete each and every level without using any checkpoints. It will help you to remember the pattern of obstacles, improve your skills and eventually makes you a master of the game.


Anyway, in the end, it’s all about knowledge, skill and reflex. Knowing our tricks will help you to boost your skills and knowledge of the game for sure. So, if you are tired of crashing, if you want to finish the game faster than your friends. Tricks and tips we’ve mentioned should be more than enough, only if you know how to apply them in game. Play the game as we suggested, you surely will not be disappointed.



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