Simcity Buildit Guide and Tips

simcity buildit guide 5If you like city building simulation games, there is nothing better than SimCity series. And for the SimCity lovers, EA finally released the game for the mobile platform with the name “SimCity BuildIt”. If you enjoyed playing this game on your PC, surely you are going to love it on your phone as well. So don’t waste anymore time and download the game from EA website for free.

The game is different from the PC version. So, even if you have experience of playing SimCity on your PC, you are very likely to make mistakes. To make sure that doesn’t happen, we made this guide with various strategies and tips to help you.

In the game you will have to play as a city mayor. And your goal will be to create a city and run it by handling all the issues and troubles. Eventually you will have to expand your city, upgrade buildings and other structures, build parks and recreation centers and keep the citizens happy. They will pay you good tax in return.

Simcity Buildit Tips and Tricks

To build a successful city, there are some tricks. I am going to describe them below.

  • Plan your city: Though it is possible to move buildings, but it is always good if you can plan your city before making it. For an example, keep the residential and industrial area away as far possible from each other. As industries cause pollution.

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  • Use service buildings efficiently: Residential area need fire stations, police stations and other service buildings. And those service buildings have a fixed area of effect. They won’t provide any service outside of their service area. So, try to place them in the perfect place to get the best outcome.simcity buildit guide 6
  • Sort Your Inventory: To upgrade buildings, you will need various materials. Mainly these materials can be gathered from factories and stores. I think, it will be better if you know exactly what you’re looking for, and to play to the requirements, instead of stocking everything. You can check the requirement from the build menu by clicking on the icons. However, to get special items for upgrading, you will have to keep an eye on your residences for bubbles. All you have to do is click on them in time, to get the rewards.simcity buildit guide 2
  • Make sure your buildings are occupied: Factories and stores provide the goods. So, it is important to keep them occupied all the time.simcity buildit guide 3
  • Spend SimCash efficiently: After all, it is real money. So, you should be careful about wasting it here and there. Specially to seep up a timer, as it can be done without spending money. If you don’t like waiting, just take a break or play another game until the project or product you are waiting on is finished. However, if you have the will to spend cash, use it to expand your storage capacity as it is really important and a big advantage.
  • Trade goods with friends: if you can play the game online, you will have access to the trading posts. Basically, these trading posts are filled with goods what others don’t need. But there is good chance you will be able to find what you are looking for, at a cheaper price. Moreover, you should sell any extra item which you won’t need as well.simcity buildit guide 7
  • Expand your population: In the end, your main goal is to raise the population of your city. And to increase the population, you will have to build new residences, upgrading them, provide adequate services, build parks and other recreation structures to keep people happy.
  • Don’t expand the city area too much: Though it is good to have some more population, expanding the city too much is not really beneficial. So, instead of occupying new plots, try to upgrade the existing buildings.simcity buildit guide 4

Unlimited Money Trick!

It is always good to have some extra cash. And with this trick you will be able to get all the money you need. All you have to do is follow the steps.

  1. Farm iron nails and wood.
  2. Build 6 houses.
  3. Destroy 5 of them without upgrading.
  4. Build 5 again.
  5. Repeat 3 an 4 whenever you want.
  6. You will get extra money for rebuilding your city.
  7. Moreover, each time you build 5 houses, you will be allowed to build a new one.

Anyway, the tips and tricks I have provided should be enough to successfully play the game. So, be patient and follow our guide, surely you will be able to build a city that everybody will envy! And of course, if you have any other tricks to share, hit up the comments section below.

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