Simcity BuildIt – How to Make Money Without Using Hacks!

Simcity Buildit is really fun. But when playing, you will often see that the money you are provided, is not nearly enough. In Simcity Buildit, it is really hard to make adequate money in the game. And as a gamer, I never really like using cheats or trainers. But following some tricks, that is something else entirely. Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to create an article on how to make money in Simcity Buildit without using hacks and share with you guys.

In my previous article on Simcity Buildit, I already gave a method to make fast money. However, I’ve found another similar method and it seems to be the most efficient method to make fast money. Check it out!


  • You have to follow each and all steps carefully, otherwise there is a chance the method won’t work.
  • To use this method you will have to bulldoze your city and start over.
  • Save some nails as there is chance you will fail and have to start all over again.

If you have the will to do that, please follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Wipeout your whole residential area.


First of all, bulldoze all of your residential area. If you are doing it right, you shouldn’t have any population left in the city. So, check your population and make sure there is not any single residential building left in the city. However, you don’t have to bulldoze commercial, industrial and service buildings. Moreover, if you have any demolished zone in your city, you will have to remove it as well.

Step 2: Rebuild residential zone



After the first step, you shouldn’t have any residential zone left in your city. Now, it is time to rebuild them. For the start, build 2 residential zones.

Step 3: Relocate your residential zone


You have 2 residential zones now. As you can see, one zone need nail to upgrade and another one need metal. We only have to use the metal one for this trick. So move your nail zone to somewhere else. But do not bulldoze it.

Step 4: Upgrade your residential zone


Do not upgrade the one requires nail. Leave it as it is and upgrade the zone with metal.

Step 5: Build new residential zone


When the upgrading is in the process, go to the residential screen. Now, place a new residential zone just beside the one you are upgrading.  Do not leave the residential screen yet.

Step 6: Bulldoze the first zone


You should still be in residential screen and wait till the upgrading of metal residential zone is done. When the upgrading is done, you will see fireworks. As you were in the residential screen, just press and hold the recently upgraded zone and bulldoze it.

Step 7: Repetition

If you have done all previous steps correctly, the zone you created in fifth step should require metal to upgrade. But instead of metal, if this zone requires nails to upgrade, surely you are doing it wrong and you will have to start it all over from the first step again.


Now, if everything is all right and you have the metal based zone, go back to fourth step and repeat the process as many times you need. Since metals are cheap and easy to get, you can do it pretty easily.


Every time you upgrade residential zone, you will receive around $700 credits. And if you get used to the process, you can do the whole process in 10-15 second. So, keep repeating and you can make around $4000 every minute. Repeat this process for an hour and you will have enough money to build your city any way you like.

I hope the steps I described were easy enough to understand. However, if you have any question or suggestion, please tell us about it in the comment.

Shah Nawaj

Shah Nawaj

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