Tiny Tower Vegas Players Club Tips and Tricks

Tiny Tower Vegas Players Club Tips and TricksTiny Tower Vegas Players Club Tips and Tricks – If you want to play an addictive and a good time waster game, you should try to play this game. Tiny Tower Vegas Player Club it’s an improvement of the original and this game makes you have to build your very own tower in Vegas, which means casinos, lounges, and mini games. The two main currencies are cash and “bux”, both of which are generated/earned in game, as well as a new type of currency this time which is called the chip.You can build new rooms when you have enough cash, hire employees to staff stock those rooms (ordering more merchandise when items run out), and perform mini-missions for your guests like tracking down items or booking rooms for their friends.

Tiny Tower Vegas Players Club Guide

In this game you can also get tournament prizes by connect and compete with other clubs. The goal of the tournament is to be the club with the highest amount of bux won at a particular casino floor. Usually the tournament occurred during 4 days, at those times the game will track how many bucks each club has earned. Both of the top club and top member will get prizes in this tournament.

How to Join a Players Club?

If you want to join a players club, just simply tap the menu button in the bottom right corner, then tap the players club icon. There are 2 options, you can directly join or start your very own Players Club. Just tap the green hashtag and enter the club name, then you can join or start a new club. You can also check the club’s total from the players club screen to see the club’s standing and your own personal standing within the club.

There are many kinds of rewards and prizes in this tournament, for each of the top 30 members who earned the most bux on the featured casino floor of the top 100 players clubs will get some pretty great prizes.

The #1 Club receives 50 Casino Chips and a Special Roof.

The #2-10 Clubs receive 25 Casino Chips and a Special Roof.

The #11-100 clubs receive 10 casino chips and a Special Roof.

And, each player who is a member of any club will receive 5 casino chips just for participating, regardless of where they end up positioned.

You need to visit the floor with the flashing lights, to add your total and you need to visit the players club screen if you want to find out which casino floor is featured in each tournament. Because the floor is different in each tournament, the featured floor may be one that you already own. But if you are not lucky to get your own featured floor, you can connect with other players and visit their hotels to play at their casino.

In the players club, each players can switch clubs at any time. There is a list of the best club that may you can join:

  1. Toucharcade
  2. Coza
  3. AppCheaters
  4. GoonSquad
  5. BV
  6. Dumbi

So, please share your Tiny Tower Vegas friend code, if you want to connect with other Tiny Tower Vegas players so that they can provide their casino floor to ensure that you can participate in each tournament. Your Tiny Tower Vegas friend code will featured in this article and all you have to do just wait the friends will come to your hotel’s front door. Just tap the cloud button from the main menu screen, if you want to find your Tiny Tower Vegas friend code and tap the friend icon from the main menu then add their personalized friend code, if you want to add them as your friend.



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