What’s the Saying Crafty Answers

What’s the Saying Crafty Answers for iPhone, iPad and iPod. Looking for What’s the Saying Crafty Answers will not be that difficult if you find the right place to get those answers needed to complete What’s the Saying Crafty game. Today you will find the answer below which will help you get what you need to easily answer those levels in this game. Since it can be quite difficult for you to find the right answers that given with clues in each level, you need to be very thorough or you need only the answers like you can find below to help you complete the game simply.

What's the Saying Crafty Answers

What’s the Saying Crafty Answers Level 1 to 25

Level 1
A sand glass with wings on its side = Time Flies

Level 2
White silhouette of a cow with dollar symbol on its body = Cash Cow

Level 3
An opened hand with two pictures of horse on the hand = Hold Your Horses

Level 4
Words that spell “Three to One Odds” = Fat Chance

Level 5
Looks like two plates of steak and also a curve shape below them that look like smiling expression = Happy Meal

Level 6
Two girls running to the similar place looks like silhouette of a town with a finger pointing to the upper picture = Uptown Girl

Level 7
Winner tag in blue color with a picture of bread on it = Bread Winner

Level 8
Word of “FORCE ONE” with number 2 below each word = Air Force One

Level 9
A cow surrounded by doubled curved shapes = Milkshake

Level 10
A bee flying beside a lock = Blocked Up

Level 11
Three lines of “LOVE” and a hand pointing down to Braille word = Love Is Blind

Level 12
Eiffel Tower with a written number that tells time of “12am” = Midnight in Paris

Level 13
Two different types of Pizza in a pile that forming a high line = Tower of Pisa

Level 14
A black rectangle shape with a word of “WAITING” on it = Waiting in Line

Level 15
Two foot prints with a curved shape below them = Happy Feet

Level 16
Two pictures of dog with a hand pointing the lower dog = Underdog

Level 17
Incomplete pictures of a pig = Pork Chop

Level 18
The word of “LOVE” that form a triangle = Love Triangle

Level 19
Three pictures of little pig = Three Little Pigs

Level 20
Some baseballs that form a shape of diamond = Baseball Diamond

Level 21
Word of “LOVE” with a hand pointing at “O” letter that shaped heart = Love Letter

Level 22
Two pictures of screw with the top screw pointed by a hand = Screw Up

Level 23
Red glove for boxing beside a black bold line = Punchline

Level 24
Two pictures of men symbol on the black rectangle background = Men in Black

Level 25
A lock inside a glass cube and another lock that pointed by a hand = Locked Out

With answers available above, this What’s the Saying Crafty game looks quite easy to complete. However, you will need more What’s the Saying Crafty Answers to help you make the game easier to beat.

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