What’s the Saying Crafty Level 26-50 Answers

What’s the Saying Crafty Level 26-50 Answers for iPhone, iPad and iPod. After completing the previous level up to level 25, you will find that the next What’s the Saying Crafty Level 26-50 Answers will give you more answers to help you complete the next level. It is the next answer that you will need in order to complete the higher levels in this game. Though it might look quite difficult to do it alone, you will find that it is possible to beat those levels using the answers available below. You may find out which answer you will need to beat in this game. Following answers will give you such ease to complete the game.

What's the Saying Crafty Level 26-50 Answers

What’s the Saying Crafty Level 26-50 Answers for iOS

Level 26
A silhouette of an airplane with a clock on it = Time Travel

Level 27
Some writer letter that spell “REX”, “MRS. REX”, and “REX JR.” = Family Dog

Level 28
Grapes with a text box that filled with characters inside = Grapes of Wrath

Level 29
Different images of bee in a line = Bee Line

Level 30
Group of silhouette men with suit with symbol “VS.” below them and two men that looks like thieves = Pros Vs Cons

Level 31
Two words of “SUNSET” and “SUNRISE” with colorful chips between them = Poker Night

Level 32
Broken word of “COFFEE” = Coffee Break

Level 33
Writer letter of “FAST FURIOUS” = Fast and Furious

Level 34
A very big clock with its big hand pointing at the 12 o’clock that replaced by a piece of pizza = Midnight Snack

Level 35
Musical scores on the top, two beautiful eyes below, and rabbit ears at bottom = Music to My Ears

Level 36
Three candies above number 16 = Sweet Sixteen

Level 37
Some terms of dancing such as “Cha-Cha”, “Conga”, and so on with two wolves among them = Dances with Wolves

Level 38
A king crown above a green shape that looks like a ground = King of the Hill

Level 39
Small letter “DO” and much bigger letter of “MD” with full stop beside them = Doctor Dolittle

Level 40
A king crown on the monkey = King Kong

Level 41
A man holding a bat and a group of people running in front of the man with a bat = Hit and Run

Level 42
A glass box with word “LOOK” on it and a hand pointing at the word “LOOK” below the glass box = Outlook

Level 43
A knight with armor holding knife and shield and a text box without anything inside it = Silent Night

Level 44
Word of “MARATHON” with ‘G’ and ‘S’ letter below and above the word = Run Out of Gas

Level 45
A bee flying with rabbit ears on it = Honey Bunny

Level 46
A man smiling with a text box that filled with a candy inside = Sweet Talk

Level 47
A boxing glove and some fruits of grapes, watermelon, and strawberries beside the glove = Fruit Punch

Level 48
A cake with candles on it and a golden ring at the top which will also be found with two wings on its right and left side = Angel Food Cake

Level 49
A man with a very big nose a small mouse with cheese below the man’s nose = Smell a Rat

Level 50
A sack is found with a dollar symbol on it and a textbox that saying “YO!” = Money Talks

The clues of each level might be quite clear, but some people might find it is too difficult to find out the answer on your own. It is why you will find What’s the Saying Crafty Level 26-50 Answers soon will help you with the next level of this game.

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