What’s the Saying Slick Answers

What’s the Saying Slick Answers and Cheats for iPhone, iPad and iPod. More clues are available in What’s the Saying Slick Answers to help you complete the game simply. However, you need to pay attention on each answer so that you will not answer wrong for each level. Following answer will tell you everything you need to know about the answer. Though it will not be that difficult to find the answer of those puzzles, it needs you to understand why it can be the answer for certain level. You need also to keep the answer as your last solution to complete this game since looking for the answer yourself first will be very important to keep the game exciting. Below are those answers for the first 25 levels.

What's the Saying Slick Answers

All Levels

What’s the Saying Slick Answers

Level 1
Two written word of “COKE” with the top writing bigger than the lower with a blue arrow pointing at the lower writing = Diet Coke

Level 2
Word of “COVER” above the line with a picture of a police raising his hand = Undercover Cop

Level 3
A big blue arrow pointing up and four hand grabbing gold coin = Up for Grabs

Level 4
Two words of “FUNNY” and four words of “WORDS” = Too Funny for Words

Level 5
The word “GEARS” that splitting = Shifting Gears

Level 6
A small cat walking on the letter “ICE” = On Thin Ice

Level 7
A water drop with a blue a blue arrow pointing down beside it and an opened box below = Drop Down Box

Level 8
Letter of “A”, “I”, and “D” with number 4 in blue between the letter “A” and “I” = Foreign Aid

Level 9
Word of “All” above a line with another word of “AGAIN” below the line = All Over Again

Level 10
A big blue arrow pointing down between two planets = Down to Earth

Level 11
Number 2345 above two words of “BLAME” = No One to Blame

Level 12
A house that painted mostly green with a chimney and a tool to fill fuel = Greenhouse Gas

Level 13
Three words of “SAME” in a line and a word of “THINK” in red in the bottom = Think Different

Level 14
Word of “family” with outline = Extended Family

Level 15
A scale in balanced position with different on each side: “BREAK” in the left side and the word “FAST” on the right side = Balanced Breakfast

Level 16

Level 17
A red cross with some words of “labrdor”, “poodle”, and “bulldog” = Cross Breed

Level 18
Three planet earths with a hand pointing at the last planet = Third World

Level 19
Two words of “TABLE” with the lower word written like it is mirrored = The Table Has Turned

Level 20
A bird with a white shape and letter of “squak” and a hand pointing at the white shape = Foul Language

Level 21
The word of “wonder” = Small Wonder

Level 22
The word of “DECK” that arrange in a line from top to bottom = Stacking the Deck

Level 23
An arch in front of the city = Arch Enemy

Level 24
Two number 9 with the lower number written in oppositely = The Back Nine

Level 25
A character with hip hop stuff and two bees flying = Hip to be Square

Those answers above might not be that difficult to answers, but somehow you will find it hard to find the answers for some of those levels. It is how What’s the Saying Slick Answers will help you complete the game.



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