What’s the Saying Slick Level 26-50 Answers

What’s the Saying Slick Level 26-50 Answers for iPhone, iPad and iPod. The next What’s the Saying Slick Level 26-50 Answers will give you more answers to help you complete all level in What’s the Saying Slick game. It is the only way you can make this game easier to beat since some of those puzzles will be quite difficult to answer. There will be complete answers you can find here. Following answers are those last 25 levels that you need to complete. Find out how these answers below will help you complete the level simply. Pay attention on the details thoroughly so that you will not miss anything.

What’s the Saying Slick Level 26-50 Answers

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What’s the Saying Slick Level 26-50 Answers for iOS

Level 26
Opened hand with two blue arrows with two words of “ME” = Hand Me Down

Level 27
Silhouette of a city that painted green = Paint the Town

Level 28
Three different shape of circle and a circus tent = Three Ring Circus

Level 29
The word of “Beef” that look narrowed = Lean Beef

Level 30
The word of “BATTLE” that splitted = Half the Battle

Level 31
Glass cube and word of “GO ALL” below it = Go All Out

Level 32
Some words of feeling “Happy”, “Sad”, “Elated”, and “Anxious” = Mixed Feelings

Level 33
A birthday cake that placed upside down = Upside Down Cake

Level 34
An eye with eye shadow and a hand pointing at it = Eye Shadow

Level 35
A line over planet earth = The Land Down Under

Level 36
A stick out tongue and a hand pointing at it = Tip of My Tongue

Level 37
Silhouette of horses that make a circle = Horsing Around

Level 38
Three different numbers that show years of 2011, 2012, and 2013 with a red check and an arrow beside each year = Annual Checkup

Level 39
A hand in the middle of sacks with dollar symbol on each sack = Right On the Money

Level 40
Some words of “BEAR”, “WEAR”, and “PEAR” with two other words of “WORSE” = No Worse For Wear

Level 41
Number 10 with a scale bar inside the number 0 = Intense Pressure

Level 42
A man with big nose and word of “WON” = Won By The Nose

Level 43
A silver cart on the bold black line = Online Shopping

Level 44
An eraser erase the word “PAST” = Erase The Past

Level 45
Four words of “HISTORY” = History Repeats Itself

Level 46
Many smiley winking their eyes = Forty Winks

Level 47
A character that bringing two flags colored red and yellow above the triangle with a force formula below him = Delta Force

Level 48
The word of “Warranty” with yellow outline = Extended Warranty

Level 49
A picture of pocket with that written “0 LEAGUES” above it and “20000 LEAGUES” below = Deep Pockets

Level 50
A shape that looks like a temperature scale with red color and a big wave = Heat Wave

The rest of the level will be more difficult than the previous level. It is why you will find What’s the Saying Slick Level 26-50 Answers will help you complete all levels in this game. There will be more puzzles game that you will also find with similar puzzle that you can find in this game.



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