Yosemite Wallpaper for iPhone and iPad

Download Yosemite Wallpaper for iPhone and iPad – When you are one of the fans of the latest OS X 10.10 of Mac, you will always update the latest news related to it including Yosemite Wallpaper for iPhone and iPad that you can easily download for your iOS device such as iPhone and iPad. It seems that there are more new wallpapers that you can have from Apple since they have released the latest iOS 8 and also this OS X 10.10 with their original wallpaper to beautify your screen. Bringing a different wallpaper altogether, this Yosemite wallpaper is captured in the Yosemite National Park. What you can find here is the soft orange color of the sky and the sunlight on the big rock with its natural color feature which will give you such a calming look on your screen. To get this wallpaper on your device or PC, you can download it by clicking the link available below. There will be two different resolutions available for iPhone and iPad.

Yosemite Wallpaper for iPhone and iPad

Download Yosemite Wallpaper for iPhone and iPad

iPadiPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s

It is how you can make your device look beautifully different with such wallpaper that looks beautifully calming. If you are quite curious how it look like on your device screen, you can just download Yosemite Wallpaper for iPhone and iPad.



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