Pokemon Sienna (hack) Cheat Codes for GBA4iOS

There’s a lot to like about Pokemon Sienna. For one, it ditches the lengthy introduction sequence (the one where you ride a moving truck) from FireRed /LeafGreen and instead lets you get straight to the action immediately.

The story is easy to get into and I didn’t notice too many bugs in my playthrough of the game. Pokemon Sienna also features a couple of fakemon so if you’re not too keen on that then you might want to play other ROM hacks instead.

Personally, I found the fakemon in the game to be well-designed although I also thought that the pixel art needed a little polishing too.

Pokemon Sienna gameplay

Unlike other ROM hacks that I’ve played the last couple of months, Pokemon Sienna’s gameplay was exceptionally smooth. This held true even when I had multiple cheats enabled. Most FireRed ROM hacks that I’ve played recently didn’t allow for enabling multiple cheats without a mastercode but this issue was surprisingly as I played through Sienna.

If you read further, I’ve also prepared a list of the cheats that I used throughout my playthrough (which you can hopefully use in yours).

Walk Through Walls

Pokemon Sienna walk through walls

509197D3 542975F4
78DA95DF 44018CB4

Although walk through walls does not work when used together with other codes in Pokemon Sienna, you also don’t have to worry about it crashing your game. Anyway, I really only use this cheat when I don’t want to have random battles with other trainers and wild Pokemon.

Catch Any Pokemon Using Any Pokeball

87ACF659 707466DC
8BB602F7 8CEB681A

With this cheat enabled, you can essentially turn any Poke Ball into a Master Ball! In the event that you don’t have enough money to buy a Master Ball, you can just buy Poke Balls instead and have this cheat enabled to get the same results.

Cheap Shopping

Pokemon Sienna cheap shopping

716AD990 7BA5C8B0
AD86124F 2823D8DA

This code allows you to purchase any item at any Poke Mart for only 1 Poke dollar. With this code enabled, you should be able to buy items like Master Balls and Rare Candies in bulk without having to worry about losing a chunk of your money.

Buy Only Master Balls from PokeMart

Pokemon Sienna cheap shopping master balls

88CFA129 357400B2
8BB602F7 8CEB681A

Enabling this code will result in Poke Mart NPCs selling only Master Balls. I would recommend using this code in tandem with the cheap shopping code at the first Poke Mart (the one in Nile City) you come across in the game.

Buy Only Rare Candies from PokeMart

PokemonSienna cheap shopping rare candies

88CFA129 357400B2
51CF1F27 2E270374

This is similar to the Buy Only Master Balls code that I listed earlier. Enabling this together with the cheap shopping code will allow you to buy only Rare Candies from the Poke Mart NPC. Rare candies are extremely important in leveling up your team faster without having to resort to grinding.

Pokemon Encounter Codes

These were the Pokemon that comprised my team. Take note that this isn’t necessarily the best team to field. You can still opt to get other Pokemon if you know their codes. As for me, I really just wanted to try catching RS Pokemon since a majority of the Ruby and Sapphire ROM hacks that I played didn’t allow me to do it.


Pokemon Sienna jirachi

022EA6CD 594A7718
D2BF38B5 7E300C38
8343300B ADEF57CA

Gralite (Groudon)

Pokemon Sienna gralite

022EA6CD 594A7718
D2BF38B5 7E300C38
8343300B ADEF57CA
0002FF77 A52C0BAF


Pokemon Sienna latios

022EA6CD 594A7718
D2BF38B5 7E300C38
8343300B ADEF57CA
72BAB975 7E4038A8


Pokemon Sienna registeel

022EA6CD 594A7718
D2BF38B5 7E300C38
8343300B ADEF57CA
742ED98D 9B284DFA


Pokemon Sienna deoxys

022EA6CD 594A7718
D2BF38B5 7E300C38
8343300B ADEF57CA
27C35F73 A8E9E879

So now that you have these Pokemon, what’s left to do is to have them level up with your Rare Candies. You shouldn’t have any issues facing off against strong enemies once your Pokemon get to learn their special attacks.

Have you ever played Pokemon Sienna before? Do you think you have a better team than what we prepared? Why not share your Pokemon Sienna (hack) cheat codes for GBA4iOS with us by hitting up our comments section below!

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